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XACT Indicol Holders and Accessories

  • Ideal for Bridgeports.
  • Suitable for all popular indicators with 5/32" shank or dovetail.
  • Does not disturb the working tool.
  • Adapts immediately for fast and positive indicating.
  • Desired stiffness is adjustable and is not altered by the pivoting of the joints.
  • Reach from 0-12" diameter or larger.
  • Guaranteed accurate readings.
  • Versatility in applications include: Alignment of work, spindle perpendicularity checking, concentricity reading.
  • Longer extension rod.

Super time saver, a universal means of supporting a dial test indicator. Readily adaptable on the machine quill extension by using its C-frame clamp without disturbing the mounted cutting tool. Its frame is designed with 3 bearing pads properly spaced and an opposite pressure screw securing the rigidity of the mounting. The frame pivot and the articulations of its linkage are friction mounted. The pressure on the curved spring washers pushing on flat nylon bearings is not altered by the pivoting of the articulations.

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No need to disturb your indicator while adjusting it. The Adjustol allows extremely fine adjustment of your indicator by means of a patented differential screw. The Adjustol can be used with your indicol or any other indicator base to achieve precise, time-saving adjustment. The C-spring design makes for zero backlash and extreme accuracy. It is available as a retrofit for existing Indicols. Simply replace the 1/4" diameter rod on the Indicol and you can have all the advantages of the Adjustol.

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Order # DescriptionClamping DiameterModel Number Your Price Find a Distributor for Your Area
46912000 Indicol Only1-3/8138 $102.15
46912005 Indicol Only (for Bridgeport J Headsize)1-7/8178 $53.40
46912010 Indicol Only2200 $92.90
46912015 Indicol Only2-1/4225 $117.50
46912020 Indicol Only2-1/2250 $133.05
46912025 Indicol Only2-3/4275 $139.25
46912030 Indicol Only3300 $154.65
46912035 Indicol w/Adjustol1-3/8138 $120.30
46912045 Indicol w/Adjustol2200 $112.80
46912040 Indicol w/Adjustol (for Bridgeport J Headsize)1-7/8178 $74.35
46912050 Indicol w/Adjustol2-1/4225 $135.95
46912055 Indicol w/Adjustol2-1/2250 $151.45
46912060 Indicol w/Adjustol2-3/4275 $159.30
46912070 Adjustol OnlyFits Models 138, 178, 200- $24.65
46912065 Indicol w/Adjustol3300 $174.70
46912075 Adjustol OnlyFits Models 225, 250, 275, 300- $27.75