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Starrett Last Word Dial Test Indicators

  • Range: .030".
  • Graduation: .001" or .0005".
  • Reading: 0-15-0.
  • Universally adaptable to countless shop measuring jobs.
  • Jeweled lever for extra smooth indicator action.
  • Swiveling tubular body.
  • Hard chrome plated ratchet contact point.
  • With shaded dial for jig borer use.

Attachments Available:

  • Long and short arm double jointed attachments.
  • Coupling.
  • Body clamp complete.
  • Surface gage attachment.
  • Jig bore attachment.
  • Vernier height attachment.
  • Regular contact points.

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Order # ModelGraduationsDescription Your Price Find a Distributor for Your Area
87552925 711F-SAZ.001"W/Univ. Shank & Body Clamp $168.26
87552943 711G-CSZ.001"Complete W/All Att. Listed Above $232.14
87552951 711H-SAZ.0005"W/Univ. Shank & Body Clamp $171.86
87552957 711L-CSZ.0005"Complete W/All Att. Listed Above $236.65
87552958 711L-PSZ.001"W/Jig Bore Attachment & Holder $168.26