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A surface discontinuity caused by roughening or scratching. See also 'Rub Mark' and 'Traffic Mark'


Preclpltatlon from solid solution resulting In a change In properties of an alloy, usually occurring slowly at room temperature (natural aging) and more rapidly at elevated temperatures (artlflclal aging)

Age Hardening

An aging process which results in increased strength and hardness.

Age Softening

The loss of strength and hardness at room temperature which takes place in certain alloys due to the spontaneous reduction of residual stresses in the strain hardened structure.


Conformity to, or deviation from, specified angular dimensions in the cross section of a shape or bar


A thermal treatment to soften metal by removal of stress resulting from cold working or by coalescing precipitates from solid solution

Anodizing Sheet

Sheet with metallurgical characteristics and surface quality suitable for the development of protective and decorative films by anodic oxidation processes


Abbreviation for American National Standards Institute


Abbreviation for American Society for Testing and Materials



A solid section long in relation to cross-sectional dimensions, having a symmetrical cross section that is square or rectangular (excluding flattened wire) with sharp or rounded corners or edges, or is a regular hexagon or octagon, and in which at least one perpendicular distance between parallel faces is 3/8" or greater

Bus Bar

A bus conductor of rectangular or square cross section of any dimension

Cold Finished Bar

Bar brought to final dimensions by cold working to obtain improved surface finish and dimensional tolerances.

Cold-Finished Extruded Bar

Finished bar produced from extruded bar

Cold-Finished Rolled Bar

Cold finished bar produced from rolled bar

Extruded Bar

Bar brought to final dimensions by hot extruding

Rolled Bar

Bar brought to final dimensions by hot rolling


A fullness in cross section of foil, either at the center or near the sides


A hot-worked semi-finished product suitable for subsequent working by such methods as rolling, forging, extruding, etc


A piece of metal cut or formed to regular or irregular shape for subsequent processing such as by forming, bending or drawing


A raised spot on the surface of the metal caused by expansion of gas in a subsurface zone during thermal treatment See also 'Bond Blister', 'Coating Blister' and 'Core Blister'

Block Marks

Short longitudinal scratches introduced during rewinding of sheet or foil, resulting from relative movement between adjacent wraps of the coil


A semifinished hot rolled product, rectangular or square in cross section, produced on a blooming mill

Bond Blister

A blister at the interface between the coating and core of clad products


A knobllke projection on the main body of a forging or casting

Bottom Draft

Taper or slope in the bottom of aborted depression to assist the flow of metal toward the sides of the depressed area


Longitudinal curvature of rod, bar, shapes and tube

Brazing Rod

A rolled, extruded or cast round filler metal for use in joining by brazing.

Brazing Sheet

Sheet of a brazing alloy or sheet clad with a brazing alloy on one or both sides

Brazing Wire

Wire for use as a filler metal in joining by brazing

Broken Edge

Edge containing cracks, splits, or tears

Broken Matte Finish

An uneven finish on the matting surfaces of pack-rolled foil

Broken Surface

A surface having innumerable minute cracks running normal to the direction of working


A distortion of the surface of sheet such as a bulge or a wave, usually transverse to the direction of rolling


A mechanical finishing operation in which fine abrasives are applied to a metal surface by rotating fabric wheels for the purpose of developing a lustrous finish


A thin ridge of roughness left by a cutting operation such as slitting, tramming, shearing, blanking, sawing, etc

Burred Edge

thin turned down edge on sheet or foil resulting from shearing

Bus Bar

A bus conductor of rectangularly square section of any dimension

Bus Conductor

A rigid electric conductor of any cross section



See 'Lateral Bow'


A facsimile of a forging obtained by pouring plaster or a low-meltlng-polnt metal into the die cavity

Caustic Skin

A superficial surface blemish caused by the etching action of caustic


The difference in thickness between the middle and edges of a sheet.

Chatter Marks

Intermittent transverse marks due to vibration during rolling, extrusion, or drawings resulting In non-uniform surface reflection and brightness.

Chemical Properties

The properties of a material that describe its reactions with other substances. Eg. , corrosion resistance


Metal sheared from a vertical surface of a die forging which is spread by the die over an adjoining horizontal surface.

Chucking Lug

A lug or boss added to a forging so that 'on center' machining and forming may be performed with one setup or chucking. This lug ls finally machined or cut away


A circular blank fabricated from plate, sheet or foil


Lacquer-type or wax films applied to one or both surfaces of foil for such purposes as heat-sealing, primer coat base for printing, or as protection against chemical attack.

Coating Blister

A blister In the coating of a clad product

Coating Streak

A surface blemish on rolled material resulting from aluminum oxide transferring from the roll to the sheet surface, giving a speckled appearance, known also as 'roll-coating pickup'

Cold Shut

(1) A linear discontinuity in a cast surface caused when meeting streams of metal fall to merge prior to solidification
(2) A forging defect developed by metal flowing into a section from two directions, resulting In a discontinuity at the junction

Cold Working

Plastic deformation of metal at such temperature and rate that strain hardening occurs.


(1) The overall application on foil of colored lacquer or ink for decorative purposes
(2) a type of buffing


A concave departure from flat


Conformance to a common center, for example, the inner and outer walls of round tube

Condenser Tube

Thls term ls frequently used in the broad sense as synonymous with the term 'Heat-Exchanger Tube'. The term 'Heat-Exchanger Tube' is preferred unless specific reference to condenser application is intended


A tube used to protect electric wiring. See also 'Tubing, Electrical Metallic'


That portion of the outline of a transverse cross-section of an extruded shape that is represented by a curved line or curved lines

Conveyor Marks

Scratches and pits occurring on one side of a sheet as a result of contact with cables or other means of conveyance

Core Blister

A blister in the core of a clad product


The deterioration of a metal by chemical or electro-chemical reaction with its environment


A piece of metal from which a test specimen may be prepared - usually produced as an integral extra piece as on a casting or forging or as a separately cast or forged piece.

Covering Area

The area in square meters covered by one kilogram of foil or laminated composite.

Cross Hatched Surface

See Broken Surfaces


Design Seam

A line juncture resulting from the deliberate bonding of two or more edges by pressure, fusion or mechanical interlocking (see Extruslon Seam)

Die Castlng

A metal object made by introducing molten metal under high pressure into a metal mold or die and allowing it to solidify

Die Line

A longitudinal depression or protrusion formed on the surface of drawn or extruded material due to imperfections on the die surface

Die Number

The number assigned to a die for identification and cataloging purposes, and which usually is assigned for the same purpose to the product produced from that die

Diffusion Streak

Surface streaks on a clad sheet resulting from alloying constituents diffusing from the core into the coating during thermal treatment


A circular blank fabricated from plate, sheet or foil from which a central concentric area has been removed


Taper on the sides of a die or mold impression to facilitate removal of forgings, castings or patterns from dies or molds


The process of pulling material through a die, to reduce the size, change the cross section or shape, or to harden the material

Drawing Stock

A hot worked intermediate solid product of uniform cross section along its whole length supplied in coils and of a quality suitable for drawing into wire

Drawn-ln Scratch

A scratch occurring during the fabricating process and subsequently drawn over making it relatively smooth to the touch

Drawn Product

A product formed by pulling material through a die

Dropped Edge

A continuous downward edge deflection on foil

Dry Surface

A foil surface substantially free from oily film, and suitable for lacquering, printing, or coating with water-dispersed adhesives

Duct Sheet

Coiled or flat sheet in specific tempers, widths, and thicknesses, suitable for duct applications



A characteristic of sheet to form ears when deep drawn or spun


Wavy symmetrical projections formed In the course of deep drawing or spinning as a result of directional properties or anistropy in sheet. Ears occur In groups of 4 or 8 with the peaks of the projections located 45 degrees and/or 0 and 90 degrees to the rolling direction. Degree of earing is the difference between average height at the peaks and average height at the valleys, divided by average height at the valleys, multiplied by 100 and expressed in percent


Deviation from a common center as, for example, the inner and outer walls of a round tube. The difference between the mean wall thickness and minimum or maximum wall thickness at any one cross-section The permisslble degree of eccentricity can be expressed by a plus and minus wall-thickness tolerance.

Electrical Conductivity

The capacity of a material to conduct electric current. For aluminum, this capacity is expressed as a percentage of the International Annealed Copper Standard which has a resistivity of 1 /58 ohm-mm(2)/meter at 20 Deg. C and an arbitrarily designated conductivity of unity

Electrical Resistivity

The electrical resistance of a body of unit length and unit cross-sectional area or unit weight. The value of 1 /58 ohm-mm(2)/meter at 20 Deg. C is the resistivity equivalent to the International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS) for 100 percent conductivity. This means that a wire of 100 percent conductivity 1 meter in length and 1 square millimeter in cross-sectional area would have a resistance of 0.017241 ohms at 20 Deg. C


The percentage increase in distance between two gauge marks that results from stressing the specimen in tension to fracture

Endurance Limit

The limiting stress below which a material will withstand a specified large number of cycles of stress. For aluminum alloys, endurance limits are based on 500,000,000 cycles of completely reversed stress, using the rotating-beam type of machine and specimen

Equivalent Round

The diameter of a circle having a circumference equal to the outside perimeter of other than round tube


A product formed by pushing material through a die

Extrusion Butt End Defect

A longitudinal discontinuity in the extreme near portion of an extruded product which is normally discarded

Extrusion Ingot

A solid or hollow cylindrical cast form suitable for extruding. See 'Fabricating Ingot'

Drilled Extrusion Ingot

Solid extrusion ingot which has been drilled to make it hollow

Reamed Extruslon Ingot

Hollow extrusion ingot which has been machined to remove the original inside surface

Scalped Extruslon Ingot

A solid or hollow extrusion ingot which has been machined to remove the original outside surface

Extrusion Seam

A seam in tube, pipe, or hollow shapes resulting from the pressure bonding at two or more edges in the course of extruding through a spader or porthole die


Fin Stock

Coiled sheet or foil in specific alloys, tempers and thickness ranges suitable for manufacture of fins for heat-exchanger applications


The characteristics of the surface of a product

Flow Lines

Llnes on the surface of painted sheet brought about by incomplete leveling of the paint. The line pattern revealed by etching which shows the direction of plastic flow on the surface or within a wrought structure.

Flow Through

A forging defect caused when metal flows past the base of a rib resulting in rupture of the grain structure


A rolled section rectangular in cross section of thickness less than 0.006 Inch


A forging or casting discontinuity caused by metal folding back on its own surface during flow in the die or mold cavity


The term used to describe the relative workability of forging material


A metal part worked to a predetermined shape by one or more such processes as hammering, upsetting, rolling, etc

Forging Ingot

A cast form suitable for forging. See 'Fabricating Ingot'

Forging Plane

A reference plane or planes normal to the direction of applied force from which all draft angles are measured

Forging Stock

A wrought rod, bar or other section suitable for forging

Friction Scratches

Short longitudinal scratches introduced during coiling or reeling of sheet or foil by movement between adjacent wraps of the coil



Dimension expressed in terms of a system of arbitrary reference numbers. Dimensions expressed in decimals are preferred

General Purpose Sheet (GPS)

Sheet produced from a general purpose non-heat treatable alloy suitable for use in general sheet metal applications. Mechanical properties will be generally comparable to 3003 and 5005, however, it should not be used for severe forming, deep drawing or anodizing


A gross scratch

Grain Flow

The directional characteristics of the metal structure after working, revealed by etching a polished section

Grain Size

A measure of crystal size usually reported in terms of average diameter in millimeters, grains per square millimeter, or grains per cubic millimeter



Resistance to plastic deformation, usually by identation

Brinell Hardness

Brinell hardness of aluminum alloys is obtained by measuring the permanent impression in the material made by a ball indenter 10 millimeters in diameter after applying a load of 500 kilograms for 30 seconds and dividing the applied load by the area of the impression

Heat-Exchanger Tube

A tube for use in apparatus in which fluid inside the tube will be heated or cooled by fluld outside the tube. The term usually is not applied to coiled tubes or to tubes for use in refrigerators or radiators

Heat-Treatable Alloy

An alloy which may be strengthened by a suitable thermal treatment.

Heat Treating

Heating and cooling a solid metal or alloy in such a way as to obtain desired conditions or properties. Commonly used as a shop term to denote a thermal treatment to increase strength. Heating for the sole purpose of hot working is excluded from the meaning of this definition. See 'Solution Heat Treating','Aging'

Heat-Treat Stain

A discoloration due to oxidation of the metal surface during thermal treatment.

Herringbone Streaks

Elongated alternate bright and dull markings at an angle to the rolling direction and having the appearance of a herringbone pattern


A high temperature soaking treatment to eliminate or reduce segregation by diffusion

Hot Working

Plastic deformation of metal at such temperature and rate that strain hardening does not occur



A part formed In a press from a metal slug in a die, usually cold, by rapid application of force through a punch, causing the metal to flow around the punch and/ or through an opening in the die


Foreign material in the metal or impressed into the surface


A cast form suitable for remelting or fabrlcatlng. See 'Element Ingot'

Impact Extrusion

See 'Impact', the preferred term

Intergranular Corrosion

Corrosion occurring preferentially at grain boundaries.


The Insertion of paper between layers of metal to protect from damage or to facilitate shearing and prevent sticking of sheets of foil



An abrupt bend or departure from flatness.

Knock-Out Mark

A small solid protrusion or circular fin on a forging or a casting, resulting from the depression of a knock-out pin under pressure or inflow of metal between the knock-out pin and the die or mold



The bonding agent used in joining two or more sheets of films


Internal crack aligned parallel to the principal surfaces of a sheet or plate. Composite product consisting of two or more sheets or films Jolned together, e.g.- paper to foil, plastic films, etc

Lateral Bow

Deviation of a longitudinal edge from straight (sometimes called camber)

Layout Sample

A prototype forging or a 'cast' used to determine conformance to designed dimensions

Lithographic Sheet

Sheet having a superior finish on one side with respect to freedom from surface imperfections and supplied with a maximum degree of flatness for use as a plate in offset printing


A condition in which the parting line of a forging is not all in one plane

Lot Inspection

(1) For non-heat treated tempers, an ldentifiable quantlty of material of the same mill form, alloy, temper, section and size submitted for inspection at one time
(2) For heat treated tempers an identifiable quantity of material of the same mill form, alloy, temper, section and size traceable to a heat treat lot or lots submitted for inspection at one time. (For sheet and plate, all material of the same thickness is considered to be of the same size )

Longitudinal Bow

A longitudinal curvature in the plane of a sheet

Lubricant Residue

The carbonaceous residue, resulted from lubricant burned on thesurface of a forged part

Luder Lines

Surface markings resulting from localized flow which appear on some alloys after light straining. They lie approximately parallel to the direction of maximum shear stress (about 45 degrees to the direction of the applied stress), and appear as depressions when forming is in tension and as elevations when in compression


Master Alloy

An aluminum base alloy in remelt Ingot form containing at least 50 percent aluminum and one or more added elements for use In making alloying additions Also referred to as Rlch Alloy or Hardener

Mean Diameter

The average of two measurements of the diameter taken at right angles to each other

Mean Wall Thickness

The average of two measurements of the wall thickness of a tubular product, taken opposite each other

Mechanical Properties

Those properties of a material that are associated with elastic and inelastic reaction when force is applied, or that involve the relationship between stress and strain, for example, modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, endurance limit. These properties are often referred to as physicals properties


Error in register between two halves of a forging or casting by opposing die or mold halves not being in perfect alignment

Modulus of Elasticity

The ratio of stress to corresponding strain throughout the range where they are proportional. As there are three kinds of stresses, so there are three kinds of moduli of elasticity for any materialmodulus In tension, in compression, and in shear

Modulus of Rigidity

The ratio of the unit shear stress in a torsion test, to the displacement caused by it per unit length in the elastic range. This modulus corresponds to the modulus of elasticity in the tension test.



A surface or edge discontinuity in the form of a slight cut, indentation, or notch. See also 'Scratch' and 'Gouge' Nonfill failure of metal to fill a forging die Impression

Non Heat-Treatable Alloy

An alloy which can be strengthened only by cold work.


0ff Gauge

A devlatlon of thickness or diameter of a solid product, or wall thickness of a tubular product, from the standard or specified dimensional tolerances

Oil Can

A buckle that can be snapped from one position to another. Also referred to as snap buckle

Oil Stain

DIscoloratlon produced during thermal treatment due to incomplete oxidatlon of lubricants on the surface.The color may vary from dark brown to white

Orange Peel

Surface roughening on formed products resulting from the use of coarse grained material


Deviatlon from a circular periphery, usually expressed as the total difference found at any one cross section between the individual maximum and minimum diameters which usually occur at or about 90 degrees to each other Ovalness is not expressed as plus or minus

Oxide Discoloration

Discoloration of the metal surface due to oxidation during thermal treatment. P

Pack Marks

Small densely distributed abrasions on the surface of sheet or foil resulting from rolling in packs of two or more.

Pack Rolling

The simultaneous rolling of two or more thicknesses of foil

Parent Coil

A coil of sheet which has been processed to the final temper as a single unit and subsequently cut into two or more smaller coils or into individual sheets to provide the required width and length.

Parent Plate

A plate which has been processed to final temper as a single unit and subsequently cut into two or more smaller plates to provide the required width and/or length.

Partial Annealing

Thermal treatment given cold worked metal to reduce the strength to a controlled level.

Patterned or Embossed Sheet

Sheet on which a pattern has been impressed on one or both sides.

Permanent Mold Castings

A metal object produced by introducing molten metal by gravity or low pressure into a mold constructed of durable material, usually iron or steel, and allowing it to solidify.

Physical Properties

The properties, other than mechanical properties, that pertain to the physics of a material; i.e., density, electrical conductivity, thermal expansion.


Small particles of oxide adhering to the surface of a product.

Pinch Marks

Pressed-in folds generally running parallel to the direction of rolling.


Tube in standardized combinations of outside diameter and wall thickness commonly designated by 'Normal Pipe Sizes' and 'ANS Schedule Numbers.'

Seamless Pipe

Pipe produced from hollow extrusion ingot.

Structural Pipe

Extruded pipe, which may contain an extrusion seam, suitable for applications not involving internal pressure.


A sharp depression in the surface.


A rolled rectangular section of thickness 0.250 inch or more, with either sheared or sawed edges.

Clad Plate

Composite plate consisting of an aluminum alloy core having on both surfaces (if one surface only, Clad One Side Plate) a metallurgically bonded aluminum or aluminum alloy coating that is anodic to the core, thus electrolytically protecting the core against corrosion.

Odd Shape Plate Blanks

Plate cut into shapes other than circles or rectangles.

Plate Circles

Circle's cut from plate.

Tread Plate

Sheet or plate having a raised figured pattern on one surface to provide improved traction.


A mechanical finishing operation for the purpose of producing a gloss or luster on the surface of a product.

Precipitation Hardening

See 'Aging.'


A high temperature soaking treatment to provide a desired metallurgical structure. Homogenizing is a form of preheating.



Controlled rapid cooling of a metal from an elevated temperature by contact with a liquid, a gas, or a solid.


Recording Sheet Circles

Sheet circles suitable for sound recording.

Redraw Rod

See ''Rod.''

Refined Aluminum

Aluminum of very high purity (99.950 percent or higher) obtained by special metallurgical treatment.

Reflector Sheet

Sheet suitable for the manufacture of reflectors.


Heating metal to hot-working temperature. In general no structural changes are intended.

Remelt Ingot

A cast form suitable for remelting.

Reroll Stock Foil Stock, Sheet Stock

A semifinished rolled prodbct of rectangular cross section in coiled form suitable for further rolling.


An elongated protection on a shape or forging to provide stiffening

Ring Condition

A subsurface condition in an extrusion which, when present, generally parallels the section contour It ls the result of liquated surface metal from the Ingot becoming incorporated into the metal flowing through the die and may be revealed by caustic etching of a cross section


A solid product that is long in relation to cross section, which is 3/8" or greater in diameter

Clad Rod

Rod having on it's surface a metallurgically bonded aluminum or aluminum alloy coating that is anodic to the core alloy to which it is bonded, thus electrolytically protecting the core against corrosion

Cold-Finished Rod

Rod brought to final dimensions by cold working to obtain improved surface finlsh and dimensional tolerance's.

Cold-Finished Extruded Rod

Rod produced by cold working extruded rod

Cold-Finished Rolled Rod

Rod produced by cold working rolled rod

Cold-Finished Heading Rod

Rod of a quality suitable for use In the manufacture of cold-headed products such as rivets and bolts.

Extruded Rod

Rod produced by hot extruding

Redraw Rod

Coiled rod of a quality suitable for drawing into wire.

Rlvet Rod

See 'Cold-Heading Rod'

Rolled Rod

Rod produced by hot rolling

Roll Mark

A raised area formed during rolling by the imprint of a depression In a roll

Rolled-In Metal

An extraneous chip or sliver of metal rolled into the surface

Rolled-In Scratch

A scratch that occurs during the fabricating process and is subsequently rolled over

Rolled Ring

A cylindrical product of relatively short height circumferentially rolled from a hollow section

Rolling Ingot

A cast form suitable for rolling.

Rolling Slab

A rectangular semifinished product, produced by hot rolling fabricating Ingot and suitable for further rolling

Roofing Sheet

Coiled or flat sheet in specific tempers, widths and thicknesses suitable for the manufacture of corrugated or Vcrimp roofing


This term is not recommended The term. 'Ovalness' is preferred

Rub Mark

A minor form of scratching consisting of a large number of very fine scratches or abrasions



A part, portion, or piece taken for purposes of inspection or test as representative of the whole

Sand Casting

A metal object produced by pouring molten metal into a sand mold and allowing It to solidify


Mechanical removal of the surface layer from a fabricating Ingot or semifinished wrought product so that surface imperfections will not be worked into the finished product.


A sharp linear indentation In the surface of the metal See also 'Gouge' and 'Rub Mark'

Screw Machine Stock

Bar, rod and wire in certain standard alloys, tempers, sizes and shapes suitable for automatic screw machine applications.


A line juncture resulting from the deliberate bonding of two or more edges by pressure, fusion, or mechanical Interlocking (see 'Extrusion Seam').

Sectlon Number

The number assigned to an extruded or drawn shape for identification and cataloging purposes, usually the same number assigned for the same purpose to the die from which the shape ls made

Semi-Permanent Mold Casting

A permanent mold casting which is made using an expendable core such as sand


A section produced by such methods as extruding, rolling, drawing, etc., that is long in relation to its cross-sectional dimensions and has a cross section other than that of sheet, plate, rod, bar, tube or wire

Cold-Finished Shape

A shape brought to final dimensions by cold working to obtain improved surface finish and dimensional tolerances.

Cold-Finished Extruded Shape

A shape produced by cold-flnshlng an extruded shape. Also called 'Drawn Shape'

Cold-Finished Rolled Shape

A shape produced by cold-finishing a rolled shape

Drawn Shape

A shape brought to final dimensions by drawing through a die.

Extruded Shape

A shape produced by hot extruding.

Helical Extruded Shape

An extruded shape twisted along its length

Hollow Shape

A shape any part of whose cross section completely encloses a void.

Fluted Hollow Shape

hollow extruded or drawn shape having plain inside surfaces and whose outside surfaces comprise regular, longitudinal, concave corrugations with sharp cusps between corrugations.

Hollow Drawn Shape

A hollow shape brought to final dimensions by drawing through a die.

Hollow Extruded Shape

A hollow shape formed by hot extruding.

Class 1 Hollow Extruded Shape

A hollow extruded shape the void of which is round and one inch or more in diameter and whose weight is equally distributed on opposite sides of two or more equally spaced axes.

Class 2 Hollow Extruded Shape

Any hollow extruded shape other than Class l which does not exceed a 5 lnch diameter circumscribing circle and has a single void of not less than 0.375 inch diameter or 0.10 square inch area

Class 3 Hollow Extruded Shape

Any hollow extruded shape other than Class 1 or Class 2

Lip Hollow Shape

A hollow extruded or drawn shape of generally circular cross section and nominally uniform wall thickness with one hollow or solid protuberance or lip parallel with the longitudinal axes, used principally for heat-exchange purposes.

Pinion Hollow Shape

A hollow extruded or drawn shape with regularly spaced longitudinal serrations outside and round Inside, used primarily for making small gears

Streamline Hollow Shape

A hollow extruded or drawn shape with a cross section of tear-drop shape.

Rolled Shape

A shape formed by hot rolling

Rolled Speclal Shape

A rolled shape other than a structural shape.

Rolled Structural Shape

A structural shape produced by hot rolling. See 'Structural Shape'

Semi Hollow Shape

A shape any part of whose cross section ls a partially enclosed void the area of which is substantially greater than the square of the width of the gap.

Semihollow Drawn Shape

A semihollow shape brought to final dimensions by drawing through a die

Semlhollow Extruded Shape

A semihollow shape formed by hot extruding.

Solid Shape

A shape other than hollow or semlhollow

Solid Drawn Shape

A solid shape brought to final dimensions by drawing through a die.

Solid Extruded Shape

A solid shape formed by hot extruding.

Stepped Extruded Shape

An extruded shape whose cross section changes abruptly in area at intervals along its length

Structural Shape

A shape, rolled or extruded in certain standard alloys, tempers, sizes and sections, such as argles, channels, tees, zees, l-beams and H-sectlons.

Extruded Structural Shape

A structural shape formed by hot extruding

Rolled Structural Shape

A structural shape formed by hot rolling.

Tapered Extruded Shape

An extruded shape whose cross section changes continuously In area along its length or a specified portion thereof

Shear Strength

The maximum stress which the material is capable of sustaining in shear.


rolled rectangular sectlon of thickness 0 006 through 0 249 Inch with sheared, slit or sawed edges

Clad Sheet

Composite sheet having on both surfaces (If on one side only Clad One Side Sheet) a metallurgically bonded aluminum or aluminum alloy coating that is anodic to the core alloyed which it is bonded, thus electrolytically protecting the core alloy against corrosion

Clad Sheet

Composite sheet having on both surfaces (if on one side only, Clad One Side Sheet) a metallurgically bonded coating, the composition of which may or may not be the same as that of the core


Sheet in coils with slit edges

Coiled-Sheet Clrcles

Circles cut from coiled sheet

Coiled-Sheet Cut To Length

Sheet cut to specified length from coils and which has a lesser degree of flatness than Flat Sheet

Flat Sheet

Sheet with sheared, slit or sawed edges, which has been flattened or leveled.

Flat-Sheet Circles

Circles cut from flat sheet.

Mill Finish Sheet (MF)

Sheet having a non uniform finish which may vary from sheet to sheet and within a sheet, and may not be entirely free from stains or oil.

Odd-Shaped Sheet Blanks

Sheet cut into shapes other than circles or rectangles

One Side Bright Mill Finish Sheet (ISBMF)

Sheet having a moderate degree of brightness on one side, and a mill finish on the other

Painted Sheet

Sheet, one or both sides of which has a factory applied paint coating of controlled thickness

Panel Flat Sheet

Sheet which has a higher degree of flatness than Flat Sheet.

Standard One Side Bright Finish Sheet (S1SBF)

Sheet having a uniform bright finish on one side, and a mill finish on the other

Standard Two Sides Bright Finish Sheet (S2SBF)

Sheet having a uniform bright finish on each side


Contraction that occurs when metal cools from the hot-working temperature

Side Set

A difference In thickness between the two edges of sheet or plate.


Slender fragment or splinter which is a part of the material but not completely attached


A metal blank for forging or impacting.

Solution Heat Treating

Heating an alloy at a suitable temperature for sufficient time to allow soluble constituents to enter into solid solution where they are retained in a supersaturated state after quenching

Specialty Sheet

Sheet product opened for specific end uses and usually designated by a name, rather than by alloy and temper.


That portion of a sample (qv) taken for evaluation of some specific characteristic or property

Specular Gloss

A measure of the amount of light reflected from a surface at an angle equal to that of the incident beam


Characteristic of having adjacent sides or planes meeting at 90 degrees.


A thermal treatment to reduce internal stresses In order to promote dimensional and mechanical property stability (See 'Age softening' and 'Stress Relievlng')


Adherence of foil surfaces sufficient to Interfere with the normal ease of unwinding


A measure of the change in size or shape of a body under stress, referred to its original size or shape tensile or compressive strain is the change, due to force, per unit of length in an original linear dimension In the direction of the force. It is usually measured as the change (in inches) per inch of length

Strain Hardening

Modification of a metal structure by cold working resulting in an increase in strength and hardness with loss of ductility


A line, elongated mark, or stripe causing nonuniformity of surface appearance, in the case of painted sheet it is visible as a variation in gloss or color.


Force per unit of area. Stress measured in pounds per square inch (psi) but is given in tables in kips (kilo-pounds or thousands of pounds) per square inch (ksi). Stress is normally calculated on the basis of the original cross-sectional dimensions. The three kinds of stresses are tensile, compressive, and shear. Flexure involves a combination of tensile and compressive stress. Torslon involves shear stress.

Stress Relieving

The reduction of the effects of internal residual stresses by thermal or mechanical means


This term is not recommended. The term 'sheet' is preferred

Structural Streaks

Streaks on etched or anodized surfaces resulting from heterogeneities in the metal structure.


A defect caused when one face of a forging is sucked in to flll a projection on the opposite side



Transverse slipping of successive layers of a coll of sheet or roll so that the ends of the coil are conical rather than flat


Allowable deviation from a nominal or specified dimension.

Close Tolerance

A tolerance closer than 'Standard'

Commercial Tolerance

A term sometimes used synonymously with 'Standard Tolerances'. The term 'Standard Tolerance' ls preferred

Published Tolerance

A term sometimes used synonymously with 'Standard Tolerance'. The term 'Standard Tolerance'' is preferred

Special Tolerance

A tolerance other than 'Standard'

Standard Tolerance

An established tolerance for a particular class of product. Thls term is preferred to 'Commercial' or 'Published' tolerance

Wide Tolerances

tolerance wider than ''standard''


A term usually referring to the dies, mandrels, etc , used in the production of extruded or drawn shapes or tube

Tooling Plate

A cast or rolled product of rectangular cross-section of thickness 0.250 inch or greater, and with edges either as cast, sheared or sawed, with internal stress levels controlled to achieve maximum stability for machining purposes in Tool and Jlg applications

Torn Surface

A deep longitudinal rub mark resulting from abrasion by extrusion or drawing tools.

Traffic Marks

Abrasions resulting from relative movement between contacting metal surfaces during transit. These abrasions are usually dark in appearance due to the presence of aluminum and aluminum oxide fanes produced by the abrasive action.

Transverse Bow

Curvature across the width of sheet or foil

Tread Plate

Sheet or plate having a raised figured pattern on one surface to provide improved traction

Trim Inclusion

Edge trimming accidentally wound Into a roll of foil


A hollow wrought product that is long in relation to its cross section which is symmetrical and is round, square rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, or elliptical, with sharp or rounded corners, and having uniform wall thickness except as affected by corner radii.

Clad Tube

Tube having on either the inside or the outside surface a metallurgically bonded aluminum or aluminum alloy coating that Is anodic to the core alloy to which it is bonded, thus electrolytically protecting the core alloy against corrosion.

Brazed Tube

A tube produced by forming and seam-brazing sheet.

Butt-Seam Tube

see 'Open-Seam Tube'

Drawn Tube

A tube brought to final dimension by drawing through a die

Extruded Tube

A tube formed by hot extruding.

Lock-Seam Tube

A tube produced by forming and mechanically lock-seaming sheet.

Open-Seam Tube

A shape normally produced from sheet of nominally uniform wall thickness and approximately tubular form but having a longitudinal unjoined seam or gap of width not greater than 25 percent of the outside diameter or greatest overall dimension

Redraw Tube

This term is not recommended. The term 'Tube Stock' is preferred

Seamless Tube

Tube which does not contaln any line junctures resulting from the method of manufacture. See 'Seam'.

Sized Tube

A tube which, after extrusion, has been cold drawn a slight amount to minimize ovalness.

Stepped Drawn Tube

A drawn tube whose cross section changes abruptly in area at Intervals along its length.

Structural Tube

Extruded tube which may contain an extrusion seam, suitable for applications not involving pressure

Welded Tube

A tube produced by forming and seam welding sheet longitudinally.

Butt-Welded Tube

A welded tube the seam of which is formed by positioning one edge of the sheet agalnst the other for welding

Helical-Welded Tube

A welded tube produced by winding the sheet to form a closed helix and joining the edges of the seam by welding.

Lap-Welded Tube

A welded tube the seam of which is formed by longitudinally lapping the edges of the sheet for welding.

Tube Bloom

This term is not recommended. The term 'Tube Stock' is preferred.

Tube Stock

A semifinished tube suitable for the production of drawn tube.


This term is not recommended. The term 'Tube' is preferred

Tubing-Electrical Metallic

A tube having certain standardized length and combinations of outside diameter and wall thickness thinner than that of 'Rigid Conduit' commonly designated by nominal electrical trade sizes, for use with compression-type fittings as a protection for electric wiring

Tubular Conductor

A tubular product suitable for use as an electric conductor


A winding departure from flatness


Utility Sheet

Mill finish coiled or flat sheet in specific sizes and suitable for general building trade usage.

Ultimate Tensile Strength

The maximum stress which a material is capable of sustaining in tension under a gradual and uniformly applied load. Tensile strength is calculated by dividing the maximum load carried by the test specimen during a tension test by the original cross-sectional area of the specimen.


Vent Mark

A small protrusion on a forging or casting resulting from the entrance of metal into die or mold vent holes


Water Stain

Superficial surface oxidation due to the reaction of water films held between closely adjacent metal surfaces such as between wraps of coil or sheets in a stack. The appearance varies from iridescent in mild cases to white, gray, or black in more severe instances.

Wavy Edge

A rippling departure of an edge from flat.


A single thickness of foil as it leaves the rolling mill

Welding Rod

A rolled, extruded, or cast round filler metal for use in joining by welding

Welding Wire

Wlre for use as a filler metal in joining by welding.


The degree of which a metal surface may be wet to determine the absence of or the amount of residual rolling or added lubricants or deposits on the surface.

Whip Marks

Markings on a sheet surface generally running normal to the direction of rolling, resulting from a whipping of the sheet as it enters the rolling mill.


A solid section long In relation to its cross-sectional dimensions, having a symmetrical cross section that is square or rectangular (excluding flattened wire) with sharp or rounded corners or edges, or is round, hexagonal or octagonal, and whose diameters, width, or greatest distance between parallel faces is less than 3/8"

Clad Wire

Wlre having on its surface a metallurgically bonded aluminum or aluminum alloy coating that is anodic to the core alloy to which it is bonded, thus electrolytically protecting the core alloy against corrosion.

Cold-Heading Wire

Wire of a quality suitable for use in the manufacture of cold-headed products such as rivets and bolts.

Drawn Wire

Wire brought to final dimensions by drawing through a die


The relative ease with which various alloys may be formed by rolling, extruding, or forging.

Wrought Product

A product which has been subjected to mechanical working by such processes as rolling, extruding, or forging


Yield Strength

The stress at which a material exhibits a specified permanent set. The offset used for aluminum and Its alloys is 0.2 percent of gauge length For aluminum alloys the yield strengths in tension and compression are approximately equal.
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Brass - Alloy 464 Unleaded Naval
Brass - Miniature Brass Shapes
Bronze - Grade 316 Commercial Grade Bronze
Bronze - Grade 510 Phosphur Bronze
Bronze - Grade 544 Leaded Bronze
Bronze - Grade 642 Non-Magnetic Bronze
Bronze - Grade 655 Silicone Bronze
Bronze - Grade 863 Manganese Bronze
Bronze - Grade 8932 Lead Free Bronze
Bronze - Grade 936 Anti-Seize Bronze
Bronze - Grade 955 Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Bronze - Grade CDA 954 Bronze
Bronze - Grade SAE 660 Bronze
Bronze - Oil Impregnated Bronze
Cable Ties
Cast Iron - Class 40
Cast Sections
Cold Rolled Steel - C1018
Cold Rolled Steel - C12L14
Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
Copper - Alloy 110
Copper - Alloy 122 Tubing
Copper - Alloy 172 Non-Sparking Copper
Copper - Alloy 1751 High Conductivity Copper
Copper - Alloy 182 High Strength Copper
Drill Rod - A-2
Drill Rod - D-2
Drill Rod - H-13
Drill Rod - H-13 Prehardened
Drill Rod - M-2
Drill Rod - Metric
Drill Rod - O-1
Drill Rod - S-7
Drill Rod - W-1
Expanded Metal - Aluminum
Expanded Metal - Stainless Steel
Expanded Metal - Steel
Facsimile Compound
Feeler Gage
Feeler Gage - 12 Inch Strips
Feeler Gage - 25 Foot Coils
Feeler Gage Assortments
Ground Flat Stock 0-1 Oversize
Ground Flat Stock 0-1 Standard
Ground Flat Stock 4142 Prehardened Oversize
Ground Flat Stock 4142 Prehardened Standard
Ground Flat Stock A-2 Oversize
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Ground Flat Stock A-6 Oversize
Ground Flat Stock A-6 Standard
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Ground Steel Plate
High Speed Steel - M-2
Hose Clamps
Hot Rolled Steel - Angles
Hot Rolled Steel - Beams
Hot Rolled Steel - Burnouts
Hot Rolled Steel - Channels
Hot Rolled Steel - Pipe
Hot Rolled Steel - Rebar
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Hydraulic and Grease Fittings
Inconel - Alloy 600
Kee Klamp Pipe Fittings
Keystock - Brass
Keystock - Gib Heachine Machinery Keys
Keystock - Hi-Carbon (High Strength)
Keystock - Metric
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Plastics - ABS
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Rubber - Neoprene
Screw and Bolt Extractors
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Screws and Bolts
Shaft Collars
Shafting - Accuroloy Heat Treated Shafting
Shafting - Grade 1566 Chrome Plated Shafting
Shafting - Grade 1566 Shafting
Shafting - Grade 440C Stainless Steel Shafting
Shafting - Grade C1045 Shafting
Shafting - Keyed Shafting
Shafting - Tubular Shafting
Shim Stock - Aluminum
Shim Stock - Assortments
Shim Stock - Blue Tempered
Shim Stock - Brass
Shim Stock - Copper
Shim Stock - Lengthening and Shortening
Shim Stock - Metric
Shim Stock - Nickel
Shim Stock - Plastic
Shim Stock - Slotted Shims
Shim Stock - Stainless Steel
Shim Stock - Steel
Socket Pressure Plugs
Socket Screws
Spring Steel - Grade C1095
Spring Steel - Phosphor Bronze Grade 510
Spring Steel - Tempered Scaleless Grade C1075
Spring Steel - Tempered Stainless Steel Type 301
Stainless Steel - Type 17-4 PH
Stainless Steel - Type 303
Stainless Steel - Type 304
Stainless Steel - Type 316
Stainless Steel - Type 321
Stainless Steel - Type 347
Stainless Steel - Type 410
Stainless Steel - Type 416
Stainless Steel - Type 440C
Thread Restoring Products
Threaded Rod - Acme
Threaded Rod - Aluminum
Threaded Rod - Brass
Threaded Rod - Left Handed
Threaded Rod - Metric
Threaded Rod - Nylon
Threaded Rod - Stainless Steel
Threaded Rod - Steel
Threaded Rod - Zinc Plated
Threaded Rod B-7 Heat Treated Alloy
Titanium - Grade 2
Titanium - Grade 5
Tool Steel - Grade A-2
Tool Steel - Grade D-2
Tool Steel - Grade O-1
Tool Steel - Grade S-7
Tool Wrap
Tubing - Galvanized
Wire - Aluminum
Wire - Brass
Wire - Copper
Wire - Galvanized
Wire - Phosphor Bronze
Wire - Stainless Steel
Wire - Steel
Wire - Titanium
Wire Cloth - Aluminum
Wire Cloth - Brass
Wire Cloth - Bronze
Wire Cloth - Copper
Wire Cloth - Stainless Steel
Wire Cloth - Steel
Woodruff Keys

Fluids and Lubricants

Adhesives - Glue
Adhesives - Plastic Bonders
Adhesives - Super Glue
Adhesives - Threadlockers
Air Tool Oils
Anti-Seize Compounds
Bearing Packers
Castrol Stick Wax Lubricant
Cimcool Center Saver
Cleaners and Degreasers
Cleaners and Degreasers - Contact Cleaners
Cleaners and Degreasers - Master Chemical
Cleaners and Degreasers - Simple Green
Coolant Hose
Coolant Maintenance Products - Master Chemical
Coolant Maintenance Products - Zebra
Coolant Pumps and Systems
Cutting and Grinding Fluids
Drum Mixers
Drum Pumps
Gasketing Products
Glue Guns
Grease and Hydraulic Fittings
Grease Guns and Pumps
Layout Fluids
Lubricants - Chain and Wire Rope
Lubricants - Dry
Lubricants - Food Grade
Lubrication Systems
Master Chemical Metalworking Fluids
Master Chemical Mist Coolant
Master Chemical Tapping Fluids
Mist Coolant Systems
Mist Coolants
Mobil Gear Lubricants
Mobil Hydraulic Fluids
Mobil Metalworking Fluids
Mobil Rarus Compressor Oil
Mobil Spindle Oils
Mobil Vactra Way Oil
Monroe Metalworking Fluids
Paint Brushes
Paint Rollers
Paint Trays
Paints - Striping
Parts Washers and Solvents
Penetrating Oils
Pipe Joint Compound
Repair Putties
Rust Inhibitors and Surface Treatments
Sawing Fluids
Tapping Fluids
Thread Sealants
Tool and Instrument Oil
Vaughn Metalworking Fluids
Vaughn Spindle Oils
Vaughn Way Lube

Hand Tools

Bolt Cutters
Cable Cutters
Clamps - A Clamps
Clamps - Band Clamps
Clamps - Bar Clamps
Clamps - C-Clamps
Clamps - Clamp Fixtures
Clamps - Edge Clamps
Clamps - Hold Down Clamps
Clamps - Kant Twist Clamps
Clamps - Parallel Clamps
Clamps - Pipe
Clamps - Spring Clamps
Clamps - Toolmakers
Clamps - Welders Clamps
Cotter Pin Puller
Electrical Tools and Accessories
Electrical Tools and Accessories - Multimeters
Electrical Tools and Accessories - Testers
Electrical Tools and Accessories - Thermometers
Hammers - Ball Pein
Hammers - Chipping
Hammers - Claw
Hammers - Dead Blow
Hammers - Engineers
Hammers - Hand Drilling
Hammers - Handles
Hammers - Non-Marring
Hammers - Non-Sparking
Hammers - Other
Hammers - Rip
Hammers - Toolmakers
Hex and Torx Bit Sockets
Hex Key Sets
Hex Key Sets - Ball End
Hex Key Sets - Screwdriver Syle
Hex Key Sets - T-Handle
Hex Key Sets - T-Handle Sets - Ball End
Hex Keys
Hex Keys - Fold-Up Sets
Hex Keys - Fold-Up Sets - Ball End
Hex Keys - T-Handle
Hex Keys - T-Handle - Ball End
Hex Keys - T-Handle Sets
Hex Keys - Wiha Magic Ring Products
Insert Bit Sets
Insert Bits
Inspection Equipment - Borescope
Inspection Equipment - Comparators
Inspection Equipment - Eye Loupes
Inspection Equipment - Magnifiers
Inspection Equipment - Mirrors
Inspection Equipments - Paint Thickness Gage
Insulated Hand Tools
Non-Sparking Tools
Plier Sets
Pliers - Locking
Pliers - Snap Ring
Plumbing Tools - Flaring Tools
Plumbing Tools - Tubing Benders
Plumbing Tools - Tubing Cutters
Pocket Knives
Pry Bars
Punch and Chisel Kits
Punch and Die Sets
Punches - Pin
Punches - Arch
Punches - Center
Punches - Drift
Punches - Nail
Punches - Optical
Punches - Pin
Punches - Prick
Punches - Revolving
Punches - Roll Pin Pilot
Punches - Transfer
Putty Knives
Ratchet Adapters
Ratchet Extensions
Ratchets and Speed Handles
Razor Knives
Screw and Nut Starters
Screwdriver Sets
Screwdrivers - Jewelers
Socket Sets
Sockets - Holders
Sockets - Impact
Sockets - Impact Extensions
Specialty Automotive Tools
Strap Cutters
Tape Measures
Tool Sets
Torque Screwdrivers
Torque Wrenches
Torx Keys - Flag and Wing Style
Torx Keys - Screwdriver Style
Torx Keys - T-Handle
Utility Knives
Wire Strippers
Wrench Sets
Wrenches - Adjustable
Wrenches - Box
Wrenches - Check Nut
Wrenches - Combination
Wrenches - Construction
Wrenches - Hydraulic
Wrenches - Open End
Wrenches - Pipe
Wrenches - Ratcheting Flare
Wrenches - Service
Wrenches - Socket
Wrenches - Spanner
Wrenches - Spud
Wrenches - Strap
Wrenches - Striking Box
Wrenches - T-Handle Socket


Abrasive Cut-Off Saws
Arbor Presses
Bandsaws - Cosen
Bandsaws - Dake
Bandsaws - Do-All
Bandsaws - Jet Equipment and Tools
Bandsaws - Omni Precision Portable
Bandsaws - Palmgren
Bandsaws - Roll-In Saw
Bandsaws - Rong Fu
Bandsaws - Wellsaw
Bandsaws - Wilton
Bandsaws - XACT
Bar Pullers
Benders - Hydraulic
Blast Equipment - Campbell-Hausfeld
Blast Equipment - Cyclone
Blast Equipment - Trinco
Blast Equipment - XACT
Box and Pan Brakes
Buffers - Baldor
Centers and Center Drivers - XACT
Cold Saws - Dake
Cold Saws - Scotchman
Cold Saws - Wilton
Digital Readouts - Acu-Rite
Digital Readouts - Mitutoyo
Digital Readouts - Newall
Drill Press Supports
Drill Presses - Circuit Board
Drill Presses - Jet Equipment and Tools
Drill Presses - Powermatic
Drill Presses - Shop Fox
Drill Presses - Wilton
Drill Presses - XACT
Dust Collectors/Fume Exhausters
Grinders - Bench - Baldor
Grinders - Bench - Delta
Grinders - Bench - Dewalt
Grinders - Bench - Jet Equipment and Tools
Grinders - Bench - Palmgren
Grinders - Burr King
Grinders - Carbide - Baldor
Grinders - Carbide - XACT
Grinders - Kinkelder
Grinders - Surface - Jet Equipment and Tools
Grinders - Surface - Targa
Grinders - Surface - XACT
Grinders - Tool and Cutter - Champ
Grinders - Tool and Cutter - Jet Equipment
Hand Brakes
Hand Notcher
Ironworkers - Metalpro
Ironworkers - Scotchman
Jig Grinder Accessories
Lathe Accessories - Lathe Work Stop
Lathes - Jet Equipment and Tools
Lathes - Prazi
Lathes - Wilton
Machine Guards
Machinery Mounts

Machinery (continued)

Milling Machine Accessories
Milling Machine Accessories - Arbor Spacers
Milling Machine Accessories - Arbors
Milling Machine Accessories - Chip Pans
Milling Machine Accessories - CNC Programming
Milling Machine Accessories - Collet Racks
Milling Machine Accessories - Collet Stops
Milling Machine Accessories - Coolant Collectors
Milling Machine Accessories - Coolant Pumps
Milling Machine Accessories - Drawbars
Milling Machine Accessories - Drill Drifts
Milling Machine Accessories - Drill Feeds
Milling Machine Accessories - Lathe Milling Attach
Milling Machine Accessories - Mill Stops
Milling Machine Accessories - Press Stops
Milling Machine Accessories - Quick Adjusting Nuts
Milling Machine Accessories - Quill Feed Handles
Milling Machine Accessories - Quill Stops
Milling Machine Accessories - Right Angle Attach.
Milling Machine Accessories - Spacing Collars
Milling Machine Accessories - Spider Handles
Milling Machine Accessories - Spindle Taper Wipes
Milling Machine Accessories - Step Blocks
Milling Machine Accessories - Tightening Fixtures
Milling Machine Accessories - Vise Stops
Milling Machine Accessories - Way Covers
Milling Machine Accessories - Way Wipers
Milling Machine Accessories - Weld Gage
Milling Machine Accessories -Spin-L-Mate
Milling Machine Accessory Sets
Milling Machines - Jet Equipment and Tools
Milling Machines - Prazi
Milling Machines - Rong Fu
Milling Machines - Wilton
Milling Machines - XACT
Mobile Bases
Phase Converters
Pipe Threading Equipment
Power Feeds
Rotary Machine
Sanders - Belt
Sanders - Belt and Disc
Sanders - Disc
Sanders - Drum
Sanders - Grinder/Sanders
Sanders - Palmgren 3 in 1 Sanding Center
Sanders - Spindle Style
Sanders - Square Wheel Grinder
Scroll Saws
Sharpeners - Darex Sharpeners
Sharpeners - Drill Doctor Sharpeners
Sharpeners - XACT
Sharpening Attachments
Shear, Brake and Roll
Shears - Hand Slitting
Shears - Hydraulic and Pneumatic
Shears - Manual Foot Operated
Shears - Portable
Slip Rolls
Tapping Machines
Tool Post Grinders
Vibratory Tumblers and Media

Material Handling Equipment

Bins - Akro-Mils
Bins - Akro-Mils Bin Carts
Bins - Lyons Binwall Carousels
Bins - Quantum
Bins - Quantum Bin Racks
Bins - Rotabins
Bucket Boss Organizers
Carts - Carousel
Carts - Service
Carts - Three Wheel
Carts - Trades
Carts - Utility
Chain and Rope
Chairs and Stools
Containers - Akro-Mils
Containers - Quantum
Dock Equipment
Drum Equipment
Gates and Barriers
Gun Security Cabinets
Hoists, Trolleys and Pullers
Lift Tables
Machinery Movers
Maintenance Carts
Modular Storage Systems
Pallet Jacks
Pallet Strappers
Raw Material Storage
Repair and Rescue Kits
Roller Tables and Stock Stands
Storage Cabinets
Storage Racks
Stretch Wrap Equipment
Tool Bags and Pouches
Tool Board Systems
Tool Box Accessories - Kennedy
Tool Boxes - Benchmark Series - Kennedy
Tool Boxes - Combination Sets - Kennedy
Tool Boxes - Hand Carry - Kennedy
Tool Boxes - Hand Carry - Waterloo
Tool Boxes - Machinists Chests - Kennedy
Tool Boxes - Mechanics Chests - Kennedy
Tool Boxes - Mechanics Chests - Proto
Tool Boxes - Mechanics Chests - Waterloo
Tool Boxes - Roller Cabinets - Kennedy
Tool Boxes - Roller Cabinets - Waterloo
Tool Boxes - Roller Cabinets - Wooden
Tool Boxes - Shop Series - Waterloo
Tool Boxes - Tool Chest Bases - Kennedy
Tool Boxes - Wooden
Tool Holder Storage
Tool Indexes and Dispensers
Tool Stands - Kennedy
Tool Webbing
Trucks - Hand
Trucks - Platform
Trucks - Stock
Trucks - Stockpicker
Trucks - Tilt
Turn Tables
Work Benches
Work Benches - Document Stands
Work Benches - Inspection Stands
Work Benches - Mobil Computer Stands
Work Benches - Mobile
Work Benches - Shop Desks

Air and Electric Power Tools

Air Powered Tools - Air Files
Air Powered Tools - Air Guns
Air Powered Tools - Air Hammers
Air Powered Tools - Buffers and Polishers
Air Powered Tools - Chisels
Air Powered Tools - Cut-Off Tools
Air Powered Tools - Drills
Air Powered Tools - Grinders - Air Turbine
Air Powered Tools - Grinders - Angle Grinders
Air Powered Tools - Grinders - Die Grinders
Air Powered Tools - Grinders - Horizontal
Air Powered Tools - Impact Wrenches
Air Powered Tools - Nibblers
Air Powered Tools - Punches
Air Powered Tools - Ratchets
Air Powered Tools - Riveters
Air Powered Tools - Sand Blasters
Air Powered Tools - Sanders
Air Powered Tools - Saws
Air Powered Tools - Scalers
Air Powered Tools - Screwdrivers
Air Powered Tools - Shears
Air Powered Tools - Spray Guns
Dremel Tools
Dumore Tools
Electric Power Tool Sets
Electric Power Tools - Bandsaws
Electric Power Tools - Batteries and Chargers
Electric Power Tools - Buffers and Polishers
Electric Power Tools - Caulk Guns
Electric Power Tools - Chain Saws
Electric Power Tools - Chop Saws
Electric Power Tools - Cut-Off Tools
Electric Power Tools - Cut-Out Tools
Electric Power Tools - Drill Presses
Electric Power Tools - Drills
Electric Power Tools - Drills - Cordless
Electric Power Tools - Grinders - Angle
Electric Power Tools - Grinders - Die Grinders
Electric Power Tools - Grinders - Pencil Grinders
Electric Power Tools - Grinders - Straight
Electric Power Tools - Hammer Drills
Electric Power Tools - Heat Guns
Electric Power Tools - Impact Wrenches
Electric Power Tools - Impact Wrenches - Cordless
Electric Power Tools - Jig Saws
Electric Power Tools - Lasers
Electric Power Tools - Level Packages
Electric Power Tools - Miter Saws
Electric Power Tools - Multi-Cutter Saws
Electric Power Tools - Nailers
Electric Power Tools - Nibblers
Electric Power Tools - Planers
Electric Power Tools - Plate Joiners
Electric Power Tools - Radios
Electric Power Tools - Reciprocating Saws
Electric Power Tools - Routers
Electric Power Tools - Sanders
Electric Power Tools - Saw - Mitre
Electric Power Tools - Saw Blades - Circular
Electric Power Tools - Saws
Electric Power Tools - Saws - Circular
Electric Power Tools - Saws - Framing
Electric Power Tools - Saws - Table
Electric Power Tools - Saws - Trim
Electric Power Tools - Screwdrivers
Electric Power Tools - Scroll Saws
Electric Power Tools - Shears
Electric Power Tools - Staplers
Electric Tool Accessories
Engraving Tools
Foredom Tools
Welding Equipment - Campbell-Hausfeld
Welding Equipment - Century
Welding Equipment - Electrodes
Welding Equipment - Jet Equipment and Tools
Welding Equipment - Thermadyne

Precision Measuring Tools

1-2-3 and 2-4-6 Blocks
3D Alignment Indicators
Angle and Sine Plates
Angle Blocks
Angle Gages
Angle Meters
Bore Gages
Box Parallels
Calibration Equipment
Caliper Accessories
Calipers - Dial Calipers
Calipers - Dial Calipers - English/Metric Reading
Calipers - Dial Calipers - Pocket
Calipers - Dial Gages
Calipers - Electronic Digital
Calipers - Knife Edge
Calipers - Outside
Calipers - Pocket Slide
Calipers - Snap Calipers
Calipers - Solar
Calipers - Vernier
Calipers - Yankee Style
Center and Edge Finders
Center Gages
Chamfer Gages
Depth Gages
Drill Gages
Electronic Amplification Equipment
Gage Balls
Gage Blocks
Gage Pins
Hardness Testers
Height Gages - Dial
Height Gages - Digit Counter/Dial
Height Gages - Electronic
Height Gages - Height Setting Gages
Height Gages - Vernier
Hole Gages
Indicator Accessories
Indicator Bases - Magnetic
Indicator Stands
Indicators - Centering
Indicators - Co-Ax
Indicators - Plunger Style
Indicators - Plunger Style - Digital
Indicators - Test Style
Indicators - Test Style - Digital
Indicators Sets
Micrometer Accessories
Micrometer Sets
Micrometer Stands
Micrometers - Ball
Micrometers - Bench Micrometers
Micrometers - Blade
Micrometers - Crimp Height
Micrometers - Deep Throat
Micrometers - Depth Micrometers
Micrometers - Digit Counter
Micrometers - Disc
Micrometers - Electronic Digital
Micrometers - For Soft Materials
Micrometers - Gear Pitch
Micrometers - Groove
Micrometers - Indicating
Micrometers - Inside
Micrometers - Micrometer Heads
Micrometers - Multi-Anvil
Micrometers - Point
Micrometers - Rolling Mill
Micrometers - Screw Thread
Micrometers - Sheet Metal
Micrometers - Spline
Micrometers - Tube
Micrometers - Uni-Mike
Micrometers - V-Anvil
Micrometers -Spline
Misc. Measuring Tool Accessories
Multi Use Gages
Multi-Welding Gage
Optical Comparators
Pin Vises
Planer/Shaper Gages
Precision Levels
Precision Measuring Tool Sets
Radius Gages
Ring Gages
Scales and Balancers
Screw Pitch Gages
Sine Bars
Slot and Groove Gages
Snap Gages
Space Blocks
Straight Edges
Surface Finish Gages
Surface Gages
Surface Plates
Taper Gages
Telescoping Gages
Tension Gages
Thickness Gages
Thread Measuring
Tool and Instrument Oil
Toolmakers Buttons
Universal Precision Gages
Wire Gages

Safety Equipment

Back Support
Barricade Tape
First Aid
Flame Resistant Apparel
Gloves - Box Handling
Gloves - Chemical Resistant
Gloves - Cotton
Gloves - Cut Resistant
Gloves - Half Finger
Gloves - Heat Resistant
Gloves - Latex Disposable
Gloves - Leather
Gloves - Leather Drivers
Gloves - Light Duty
Gloves - Mechanics
Gloves - Nitrile Coated
Gloves - Poly/Cotton
Gloves - PVC Coated
Gloves - Rubber Coated
Gloves - Thermal
Gloves - Utility
Gloves - Vinyl Impregnated
Gloves - Welders
Hearing Protection - Ear Muffs
Hearing Protection - Ear Muffs with Radio
Hearing Protection - Ear Plugs
Respirators and Dust Masks
Safety Glass Cleaners
Safety Glasses
Safety Goggles
Safety Matting
Safety Screens and Curtains
Safety Signs
Safety Storage Cabinets and Cans
Wrist Supports

Shop Supplies

Air Guns and Hoses - ARO
Air Guns and Hoses - Blovac
Air Guns and Hoses - Coilhose
Air Guns and Hoses - Dynabrade
Air Guns and Hoses - Guardair
Air Guns and Hoses - Ingersoll-Rand
Air Guns and Hoses - Other
Assembly Equipment
Bearing Heaters
Blue Print Holders
Brass Pipe Fittings
Brushes - Acid Brushes
Brushes - Chip
Brushes - Dusters
Brushes - Nail Brushes
Brushes - Parts Cleaning
Brushes - Scraper Type
Brushes - Scratch Brushes
Brushes - Scrub
Brushes - T-Slot Brushes
Brushes - Tube
Brushes - Vehicle Brushes
Circle and Gasket Cutters
Cold Surface Markers
Counters and Totalizers
Drafting Supplies
Dust Pans
Etch-O-Matic Etching Equipment
Extension Cords and Power Strips
Fans and Heaters
Fastening Tools
Filters, Regulators and Lubricators
Hand Cleaner and Wipes
Hardening Compounds
Hose Fittings, Connectors and Couplers
Hose Reels
Hoses and Tubing
Hot Melt Coatings
Industrial Magnets
Key Caddys
Lighting and Flashlights - Bright Star
Lighting and Flashlights - Dazor
Lighting and Flashlights - DeWalt
Lighting and Flashlights - Electrix
Lighting and Flashlights - Fostoria
Lighting and Flashlights - Industrial Work Lights
Lighting and Flashlights - Inspection Kits
Lighting and Flashlights - Mag Lites
Lighting and Flashlights - Max Burton Wind N Go
Lighting and Flashlights - National Electric
Lighting and Flashlights - Pelican
Lighting and Flashlights - Rayovac
Lighting and Flashlights - Saf-T-Lite
Lighting and Flashlights - Standard Portable
Lighting and Flashlights - Steelman Bend-A-Light
Lighting and Flashlights - Streamlight Flashlights
Lighting and Flashlights - Waldmann
Lighting and Flashlights - XACT
Locks - American Lock
Locks - Master Lock
Lumber Crayons
Magnetic Clean Out Tools
Magnetic Grate Filter
Magnetic Parts Trays
Magnetic Positioners
Magnetic Retrieval Tools
Magnetic Tool Organizer
Maintenance Equipment
Metal Checks
Mops, Buckets and Wringers
Paint Markers
Reference Books
Refuse Containers
Retreiving Tools
Shipping Room Supplies
Soldering Tools and Solder
Spring Winders
Steel Marking Stamps
Tool Black Kit
Transfer Screws

Toolholding and Workholding

16C Collets and Fixtures
3J Collets and Fixtures
5C Collet Sets
5C Collets and Accessories
Arbors and Adaptors
Bench Blocks
Centers and Center Drivers - Concentric
Centers and Center Drivers - Riten
Centers and Center Drivers - Rohm
Centers and Center Drivers - Royal
Centers and Center Drivers - Skoda
Centers and Center Drivers - XACT
Chuck Jaws - Ajax
Chuck Jaws - Bison
Chuck Jaws - H and R
Chuck Jaws - Rohm
Chuck Jaws - Royal
Chuck Stops
Collet Chucking Systems - Dunham
Collet Chucks
Collet Closers
Collet Closers, Chucks and Headstocks
DA Collets and Accessories
Dividing Heads
Double Angle Collets DA Series
Drill Chuck Arbors
Drill Chuck Keys and Accessories
Drill Chucks
ER Collets and Accessories
Fixture Jacks - Jergens
Grinding Fixtures
Indexing Fixtures
Indexing Spacers
Knurling Tools and Knurls - Dorian
Knurling Tools and Knurls - Eagle Rock
Knurling Tools and Knurls - XACT
Lathe Chucks - Atlas
Lathe Chucks - Bison
Lathe Chucks - Buck Chuck
Lathe Chucks - Dorian
Lathe Chucks - Eagle Rock
Lathe Chucks - Kitagawa
Lathe Chucks - Other
Lathe Chucks - Pratt Burnerd
Lathe Chucks - Rohm
Lathe Chucks - Royal
Lathe Chucks - XACT
Lathe Chucks - Yuasa
Lathe Mandrels
Machine Clamping Kits
Machine Clamps
Magnetic Chucks
Milling Tables
Milling Tables - Indexing
Morse Taper Tooling - Coolant Induced Holders
Morse Taper Tooling - Drill Drivers
Morse Taper Tooling - Drill Sleeves
Morse Taper Tooling - End Mill Holders
Morse Taper Tooling - Extension Sockets
Morse Taper Tooling - Floating Holders
Morse Taper Tooling - Magic Chuck
Morse Taper Tooling - Shell Mill Holders
Morse Taper Tooling - Solid Sockets
Morse Taper Tooling - Tap Drivers
Nmtb, Asa, Iso Tooling - Adaptors
Nmtb, Asa, Iso Tooling - Centering Plugs
Nmtb, Asa, Iso Tooling - Coolant Induced Holders
Nmtb, Asa, Iso Tooling - Drill Chuck Arbors
Nmtb, Asa, Iso Tooling - End Mill Holders
Nmtb, Asa, Iso Tooling - Shell Mill Holders
Palletizing Systems
PG Collets and Accessories
Quick Change Tooling
R8 Collet Sets
R8 Collets and Accessories
R8 Tooling - Adaptors
R8 Tooling - Coolant Induced Holders
R8 Tooling - End Mill Holders
R8 Tooling - Milling Machine Arbors
R8 Tooling - Quick-Change
R8 Tooling - Shell Mill Holders
R8 Tooling - Tapping Heads
Radius Cutters
Rapid Switch Tool System - Collis
Retention Knobs
Rotary Tables
Tapping Chucks and Collets - Bilz
Tapping Chucks and Collets - Collis
Tapping Chucks and Collets - Erickson
Tapping Chucks and Collets - Jacobs
Tapping Chucks and Collets - Other
Tapping Chucks and Collets - Tapmatic
Tapping Chucks and Collets - Wilton
Tapping Heads and Accessories - E.T.M
Tapping Heads and Accessories - Other
Tapping Heads and Accessories - Procunier
Tapping Heads and Accessories - Pro-Quik
Tapping Heads and Accessories - Tapmatic
Tapping Heads and Accessories - XACT
TG Collets and Accessories - XACT
Tool Posts and Holders - Aloris
Tool Posts and Holders - Armstrong
Tool Posts and Holders - Dorian
Tool Posts and Holders - XACT
Tool Tightening Fixtures
Toolholder Bushings
Tube Drilling Jigs
V-Flange and BT Tooling - Collis
V-Flange and BT Tooling - Erickson
V-Flange and BT Tooling - Narex
V-Flange and BT Tooling - Other
V-Flange and BT Tooling - Parlec
V-Flange and BT Tooling - XACT
Vise Accessories
Vises - Air Operated Vises - Heinrich
Vises - Air Operated Vises - Speedy Vise
Vises - Bench Vises
Vises - Camlock Vise - Heinrich
Vises - Cross Hold Drill Jigs - Heinrich
Vises - Drill Press Vises
Vises - Jaw Caps
Vises - Jaw Caps - Snap Jaws
Vises - Machine Vise Accessories - Kurt
Vises - Machine Vises - Kurt
Vises - Machine Vises - Palmgren
Vises - Machine Vises - Parlec
Vises - Machine Vises - Wilton
Vises - Machine Vises - XACT
Vises - Panavise Swivel Bench Vise
Vises - Precision Sine Vises
Vises - Precision Toolmakers Vises
Vises - Woodworking Vises

Tooling Compnents

Coupling Nuts
Danly IEM Die Springs and Accessories
De-Sta-Co Carver C-Clamps
Eye Bolts
Flange Nuts
Grippers - Carbide
Grippers - Tool Steel
Handles - Jergens
Handles - Kipp
Handles - XACT
Handwheels - Jergens
Handwheels - XACT
Heavy-Duty Hex Nuts
Hoist Rings
Knobs - Jergens
Knobs - Kipp
Knobs - Northwestern
Knobs - Teco
Knobs - XACT
Knurled Head Screws
Leveling Pads
Machine Clamps
Power Clamps
Quarter Turn Screws
Quarter Turn T-Nuts
Rest Buttons
Spring Loaded Devices
Step Blocks
Swing Bolts
Swivel Nuts
Tapped Hole Location Gages
Thumb Screws
Toggle Clamps - De-Sta-Co - Hold-Down
Toggle Clamps - De-Sta-Co - Low Profile
Toggle Clamps - De-Sta-Co - Over Center
Toggle Clamps - De-Sta-Co - Pull Action
Toggle Clamps - De-Sta-Co - Squeeze Action
Toggle Clamps - De-Sta-Co - Straight Line Action
Toggle Clamps - De-Sta-Co Spindle Assemblies
Toggle Clamps - XACT - Horizontal
Toggle Clamps - XACT - Latch Type
Toggle Clamps - XACT - Push/Pull
Toggle Clamps - XACT - Side Mounted
Toggle Clamps - XACT - Squeeze Action
Toggle Clamps - XACT - Vertical
Toggle Clamps - XACT Spindle Assemblies
Toggle Pads
Tooling Balls
Tooling Balls, Level and Toggle Pads
T-Slot Bolts
T-Slot Nuts
Washers - C Washers
Washers - Heavy-Duty Flat
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