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Cutting Tools - Cold Saw Blades

Kinkelder Saw Cold Saw Blades 
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• A Vapor treated blade has an Fe3O4 surface coating for a longer blade life. It is mainly used for cutting steel on manual and semi-automatic sawing machines
• The Performance 2000 blade is ideal if you want to achieve longer blade life and higher cutting accuracy than with a standard PVD coated blade. The friction coefficient is just 0.25 compared with 0.45 for TiN coating. This provides about 100% improvement in blade life

Operating Instructions:
• Use a high quality coolant
• Before starting a cut, be sure that the saw is operating at full RPM and rotating in correct direction
• Check chip remover for operation
• Be sure that stock is securely clamped
• Check all machine operations prior to making a cut
Dull blades may show some or all of the following signs:
• Slowing of cutting times
• Rough finishes
• Rounded corners of the saw teeth

Blade description definition/example 350-2.5-32 / 280 teeth:
• The first number 350 is the outside diameter of the blade, 350 mm
• The second number 2.5 is the thickness of the blade, 2.5 mm
• The third number 32 is the center hole diameter, 32 mm
• The fourth number 280 teeth is the total number of teeth on the blade
Pinhole combination definition/example 2/8.5/45 2/9/50 2/12/64:
• Two 8.5 mm holes on 45 mm center distance
• Two 9 mm holes on 50 mm center distance
• Two 12 mm holes on 64 mm center distance

• These blades are for general purpose cutting and fit most major brand saws

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