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Cutting Tools - Power Hacksaw Blades

Starrett Power Hacksaw Blades - Bluestripe Bi-Metal High Speed Steel
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  • Bi-metal high speed steel edge blades are the best for tough materials and conditions of all types.
  • Cutting edge of high speed steel give them unparalleled cutting efficiency and the tough alloy steel back resists breakage when used under less than ideal conditions.
  • Blades will handle irregular shapes and interrupted cuts with ease.

Starrett Power Hacksaw Blades - Redstripe High Speed Steel
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  • Fully hardened molybdenum high speed steel.
  • Ideal for long wear life and top performance in sawing a wide range of materials, including stainless and other tough-to-cut alloy steels.
  • Solid high speed steel blades will withstand heavier feed pressures for faster, better cutting than other types of hacksaw blades.

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