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Relton Rebar Cutters
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  • Non-removable shank type.
  • Drill through concrete embedded rebars without relocating the hole to avoid it.
The Relton carbide-tipped rotary rebar cutter is designed for use in a standard 1/2" drill motor, but a hammer drill with a standard 3-jaw chuck may be used provided the selector mechanism on the hammer drill is kept in the rotary-only position. The Relton carbide-tipped rotary rebar cutter is intended for rotary drilling only; percussion (hammering action) will damage the tool.


1. When rebar is encountered while drilling with a rotary hammer and a carbide hammer bit, immediately stop the hammer and remove the bit from the hole (failure to stop will severely damage a carbide hammer bit - regardless of manufacturer’s claim).
2. Mount a rotary rebar cutter in a standard 1/2" drill motor or 1/2" hammer drill (with the selector in the rotary-only position); insert the rotary rebar cutter into the hole and drill through the embedded rebar.
3. Remove the rotary rebar cutter after the rebar has been drilled completely through and finish drilling the hole with the rotary hammer and hammer bit.

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