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Cutting Tools - Taps - Acme

XACT Acme Tandem Taps
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High Speed Steel Roughing & Finishing Tap with 2G Fit
  • Produces threads from 10 to 30 degrees in a single pass without a lead screw.

XACT USA Made Single Pass Tandem Style Acme Taps - High Speed Steel - Ground Thread Class NA-2G 
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• Designed for the cost effective production of Acme threads
• Single pass taps combine a rougher and finisher in one tap
• The roughing section of the tool features a 50º included angle thread, permitting threads to be relieved more effectively and eliminating the wide, flat Acme crest
• The last few threads on the roughing section serve as a guide for the finishing section
• The finishing section corrects the angles and brings the threads to size

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