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Cutting Tools - Tool Bits - High Speed Steel

Cleveland Twist Drill Mo-Max® Ground Tool Bits - M-1 Ground, Mo-Max® HSS 
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• General purpose
• Both ends beveled 10º

XACT Ground Tool Bits - M-2 Ground - High Speed Steel and Cobalt 
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• This general purpose tool gives exceptional results on mild steel, alloys and tool steels
• Ideal for finishing applications

XACT Ground Toolbits - HSS and Cobalt - M-2 Ground - High Speed Steel and Cobalt 
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A fine general purpose Ground Tool Bit that shows exceptional results on mild steel, alloys, and tool steels. This tool bit makes a superior finishing tool.
A superior quality Full Ground Tool Bit that performs exceptionally well on forgings, castings, and any cuts of heavy nature or where high heat is a factor.
A superior type high speed steel which will work better where heat is present. Used for heavy cuts in hard materials.

XACT HSS Tool Bits - M-2, M-43 and T-15
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  • M-2 - A fine general purpose ground tool bit. Most shock resistant and easiest to machine of the popular high speed steels. Best selection for the interrupted cuts. Good choice for all around shop use.
  • M-43 - A superior quality ground tool bit for high performance applications. Offers greatest heat resistance (Red Hardness) of the Moly-type high speed steels. Best choice for machining stainless steels, super alloys or other high strength heat treated materials.
  • T-15 - Offers the best wear resistance of all high speed tool bits. Common applications include those in which long runs or light cuts at high surface speeds are required.

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