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Fasteners, Metals and Plastics - Drill Rod - M-2

Drill Rod - M-2 - 36" Lengths
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Drill Rod rounds are tough, free machining general purpose tool steels. They are used for punches, tools and dies, drills, taps, arbors, roller bearings, dowel pins and a variety of machine parts where high strength and long life are required.

Drill Rod rounds are annealed and ground and polished to a surface finish better than 30 microinches. The excellent finish, strength and machinability makes drill rod ideally suited for power drive shafts and applications where accuracy and straightness are required.

Drill Rod rounds are available from stock in 3 foot lengths in a wide range of diameters, in Water Hardening (W-1), Oil Hardening (O-1), Air Hardening (A-2 & D-2), High Speed Steel (M-2) and Shock Proof Air Hardening (S-7) grades and Hot Work Air Hardening (H-13) available Annealed and Pre-Hardened.

This molybdenum-type high speed steel is hardenable to Rc 65. It features excellent toughness and resistance to softening at elevated temperatures and provides excellent abrasion resistance at room temperatures.

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