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Fasteners, Metals and Plastics - Facsimile Compound

Facsimile Quick Setting Compound
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  • Clone Any Part Quickly
  • Contains No Class 1 Ozone Depleting Chemicals!
  • Create A Drill Fixture
  • Make Jigs & Fixtures
  • Make Exact Replicas Of Gear Teeth & Similar Forms
  • Create A Test Sample
  • Duplicate Optical Projections

Use To:

  • Cast small run parts & prototypes.
  • Make holding, nesting fixtures and quick jigs.
  • Test surface and flatness geometry, etc.
  • Make instant molds and patterns.
  • Make emergency repair parts.
  • Mask, fill and seal.
  • Make potting, bonding & repairing easy.

1 Lb. Introductory Kit Includes:

  • Facsimile powder, 1 lb. tray.
  • 1 - 120cc Facsimile liquid.
  • 1 - 60cc Flexbar release agent.
  • 1 - Powder scoop.
  • 1 - Molding clay.
  • 10 - Disposable cups (graduated).
  • 10 - 10z. Polypropylene measuring cup.

"Facsimile" is a special plastic compound kit which is used for duplicating surface flats, roughness and for dimensional transfer of inaccessible locations.

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