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Fasteners, Metals and Plastics - Ground Steel Plate

Low Carbon Steel Blanchard Ground Squares
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  • Low carbon flat stock is fine grained and easily machined with excellent weldability and responds uniformly to case hardening.
  • In its natural state, it is best used for back up plates, stripper plates, punch pads and machine parts.
  • As case hardened, it is best used for jigs, fixtures and patterns.
Thickness: +.003"
Width: Sawcut

Typical Analysis:
Carbon: .15 / .20
Manganese: .60 / .90
Silicon: .15 / .20
Phosphorous: .040 Max.
Sulfur: .050 Max.

Low Carbon Steel Ground Stripper Plate
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  • Low carbon steel ground four sides to 50-75 RMS finish.
  • Stripper plate is flat and accurate to size with ground corners and parallel sides.
  • In the toolroom, plate is widely used for die strippers, punch holders, molds, dies, jigs, cams, templates, fixtures and general tooling plate.
  • In production, the material has applications for contoured components and machine parts.
  • Standard length is 72". Most sizes available cut to your exact requirements where shown.
  • Special sizes available. Call our sales department for pricing.
  • Pricing is per pound. In order to determine the quantity multiply the number of feet with the pounds per foot as shown below. Specify the length of the pieces you would like cut in the area provided.
Thickness: +.003"
Width:Under 16": +.005"
16" & Over: +1/8" -.000"

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