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Fasteners, Metals and Plastics - Machinable Wax

Flexbar Machinable Wax
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  • Flash Point of 575F.
  • Does not produce hard edge chips.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Self-lubricating, non-abrasive and will not fuse when machined at high- end spindle rpms and feed rates.
  • May be remelted, recast and machined again without any loss of original properties.
  • Will not gum up on tool bits.
  • Hardness 50-55(Shore "D" Scale)
  • Specific Gravity 92
  • Flash Point 575F
  • Softening Point 226F
  • Volumetric Shrinkage at Room Temperature 7%
  • Coloring permanent, oil base, blue dye
  • Contains No Class 1 Ozone Depleting Chemicals!

You Can

  • Drill & Ream It
  • Saw Or Carve It
  • Mill It
  • Thread It
  • Assemble It & Check Dimension
  • Turn It
  • Chamfer It

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