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Fasteners, Metals and Plastics - Shim Stock - Plastic

Precision Brand Plastic Shim Stock 
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5" x 20" Color coded shims for all your plastic shim requirements.
• Highest quality plastic material
• Easy-to-cut
• Resists oil
• Minimal compression in use
• Thickness tolerance to industry standards
• Color differs for each thickness
• Eliminates need for micrometer - saves time, reduces error
• 14 Colors and 17 thicknesses

Shim Stock - Color Coded Plastic Sheets
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  • Made from a high quality plastic material.
  • Great for all your plastic shim requirements.
  • Used for gaskets, special parts and various manufacturing applications.
  • Easy to cut, resists oil.
  • Minimal compression during use.
  • Thickness tolerance to industry standards.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Nonconductive to electricity.
  • Thickness indicated by shim color.
  • Eliminates need for micrometer, saves time and reduces error.

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