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Fasteners, Metals and Plastics - Shim Stock - Stainless Steel

Laminated Shim Stock - Stainless Steel
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  • Made by using pressure and resin / adhesive to bond metal shim together which creates a rigid, "one piece" structure / formation that appears to function as a single solid metal sheet or plate.
  • Remove layers by simply peeling off / away the unwanted laminate layers with a pocket knife, making the sheet to your required / desired thickness.
  • Sheets may be cut, sawed, stamped, milled or bored to almost any configuration.
  • Bonding adhesive makes for just right peeling, no tearing or ripping of the layers.
  • Sheets are uniform from edge to edge.
  • Class 1 (fully laminated)
  • Class 2 (1/2 solid stock)
  • Class 3 (3/4 solid stock) - Available on special order
  • Composition 3 is made from an annealed 300 Series Stainless.
  • Meets MIL-S-22499, MIL-S-5059 and QQ-S-766.

Precision Brand Shim Stock - Stainless Shim 
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• PRECISION BRAND Stainless Steel Shim Stock is a full hard, cold rolled, Type 302 18/8 chrome nickel alloy
• Rockwell hardness C 40 - 45

Shim Stock - Extra Large Rolls - Stainless Steel - 12" x 50"
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Shim Stock - Stainless Steel Flats - 6" x 25"
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2 Sheets per Package

Shim Stock Rolls - Stainless Steel - 6" x 50"
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