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Fluids - Coolant Maintenance Products - Zebra

Zebra Coolant Maintenance Products and Rust Inhibitors - Odor Control Tablets 
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• Eliminate and prevent odors such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs)
• Contain no formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing chemicals
• Most effective way to control odors in any water-based coolant system
• Safer and more economical than biocides
• Use one tablet per 25 gallons of coolant every two weeks
• Designed for small sumps, usually of 200 gallons or less
• 15 Tablets per tube

Zebra Coolant Management Equipment - Give Your Coolant a Taste of the Bubbly - Oxygenator 
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• Extends coolant life
• Eliminates foul odors
• Heavy-duty tubing and industrial-grade air diffuser are designed to take abuse
• Weight: 2 lbs.
• In the absence of oxygen, obligate anaerobes multiply causing coolant to spoil. Injecting oxygen into coolant inhibits anaerobic bacteria growth, extending your coolant's life
• Includes a sintered bronze diffuser and durable tubing to hold up to the rigors of machining environments

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