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Fluids - Lubricants - Chain and Wire Rope

LPS Chain Mate Chain and Wire Rope Lubricant
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  • Moly-fortified lubricant performs under severe loads and extreme temperatures.
  • Increases life of chains and wire ropes not fitted with oil baths or automatic lube system.
  • Resists water washout, sling-off acid and alkali fumes.
  • Authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.
  • 11 Oz. aerosol.

Sprayon Moly Chain and Pin Bushing Lube
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  • Foaming action penetrates close tolerances of chain drive bushings and pins.
  • Specially formulated for all chain drive equipment.
  • Reduces wear, increases chain life up to three times when applied regularly.
  • Moly additive assures lubrication under extreme pressure.

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