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Loctite Moly Dry Film
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  • Solid film lubricant for sliding surfaces and slow-moving parts.
  • Temperature resistant up to 750°F (400°C) as a dry film lubricant, 2400°F (1315°C) as an anti-seize.
  • Won’t squeeze out, burn off or pick up dirt.
  • For reducing equipment start-up frictions, sliding mechanisms, conveyors, cable, cutting blades, oven dolleys, chains, rollers, gears and bins.
  • 12 Oz. aerosol.

LPS Dry Film and Food Grade Silicone Lubricants
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  • Provides excellent lubrication.
  • Excellent for high temperature applications up to 500°F(260°C).
  • Dry film will not attract dust or dirt.
  • Does not contain chlorinated solvents.
Dry Film:
  • Excellent for releasing molded parts.
  • Colorless, thin film.
  • Nonflammable.
Food Grade:
  • Meets FDA regulation for incidental food contact.
  • Meets USDA requirements for H1.
  • Great for food processing and food handling applications.

Sprayon Dry Graphite Lube
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  • Excellent conductivity, dries rapidly at room temperature.
  • Coefficient of friction .123.
  • Does not contain methylene chloride.

Sprayon Dry Moly Lube
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  • Penetrates pores of substrate and bonds to surface for long-lasting lubrication.
  • High-pressure, high-solids molybdenum disulfide coating.
  • Withstands pressures up to 50,000 PSI.

Sprayon Synthetic-Modified Dry Lube
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  • Thin transparent, dry film lubricant formulated with the latest synthetic additives.
  • Penetrates and lubricates.
  • USDA H-2 rated.

Sprayon T.F.E. Dry Lube
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  • Dry, non-oily, non-staining lubricant.
  • Produces an extremely low static coefficient of friction making it ideal where low speed & light loads are involved.
  • Dries quickly to a white film.
  • Made with DuPont Krytox®.

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