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Fluids - Mobil Rarus Compressor Oil

Mobil Lubricants - Rarus® 427 Air Compressor Oil 
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Mineral oil lubricant formulated from high grade stock selected additives that enhance anti-wear and rust resistant properties.
For reciprocating compressors having exit air temperatures up to 300º F; single and 2 stage reciprocating compressors up to 125 PSI and 300 PSI; Multistage reciprocating process compressors where special requirements don't apply; rotary screw compressions using ISO VG 100 compressor oil.

• Specially selected additives enhance lubricity, antiwear, and protect
• High viscosity at elevated cylinder temperatures
• Long life for extended drain oil
• Reduced compressor start up wear
• Compatible with metals, O-rings, gaskets and plastics normally used in compressors

Mobil Lubricants - Rarus® 824 Synthetic Air Compressor Oil Lubricant 
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Premium synthetic diester lubricant with specific inhibitors to extend life and protect against corrosion.
For rotary screw compressors.

• Provide improved air separation
• Low foam tendencies
• Increased protection against files in compressors, compared to mineral oil based lubricants
• Broad temperature application range: -20º F ambient startup to 400º F discharge air

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