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CRC RTV Silicone Adhesive / Sealants
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  • Pressurized package provides a convenient waste-free alternative to messy caulking tubes.
  • Use right out of the can. No caulking gun necessary.
  • Dispenses a consistent, uniform bead.
  • Won't dry out like caulk tubes.
  • Self-sealing plug can be simply pulled out to re-use.
  • Clear - Forms a barely visible water-tight seal.
  • White - Designed for high moisture, indoor/outdoor applications.
  • Blue - Heavy duty industrial gasket sealant.
  • Gray - Low odor, non-corrosive formulation.
  • Red - High temperature, low odor, non-corrosive gasket sealant.
  • 8 Oz. Can.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) printed on the reverse side of every label.

Devcon Epoxies and Gasketing Products - Silite® RTV Silicone - Sealants and Silicone Gasketing 
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• Single-component materials that cure to a flexible silicone rubber
• Provides excellent resistance to a wide range of weather and temperatures ranging from -60º F to 450º F
• Cures at room temperature
• Ready to use for gasketing, sealing, bonding and weatherproofing applications
• Meets USDA and FDA approvals and Military Specifications

Devcon RTV Silicone Sealant
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  • Adhesive/Sealant for maintenance and construction.
  • Available in clear or white.
  • 3 Oz. tubes or 10.3 oz. cartridges.

Loctite Superflex Blue RTV Silicone Sealant
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  • Cures to a tough, flexible rubber.
  • Makes reliable "formed-in-place" gaskets that resist shrinking, cracking and migrating.
  • Coats pre-cut gaskets to increase reliability.
  • Temperature range -65 to 500F intermittent.
  • Low volatility.
  • Fills gaps to .25".

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