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A.W. Sperry Digital Multimeters - DM-2A Economy Line Pocket-Pro DMM 
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• Pocket calculator style digital multimeter combines manual or automatic range selection, overload protection to 400 volts on ohm/continuity ranges, audio and visual continuity test, built in test leads
• “Booklet” type carrying case fits easily into shirt pocket
• The industryes first UL listed pocket digital
• Ranges 0-200mV/20V/200V/400vdc, 0-200mV/20V/ 200V/400Vac, 0-200/2K/20K/200K/2M ohms, continuity test

A.W. Sperry Digital Multimeters - DM-5300 Ruggedized DMM 
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9 Functions - 30 Ranges

• Offers 9 functions on up to 30 ranges
• Drop proof to 10 feet
• 10A DColor input jack
• Safety test leads
• Built-in hanger and tilt stand
• Large 3-1/2 digit LCD display
Comes with C-68 shockguard holster

A.W. Sperry Electrical Testers - SPR-300 Plus Snap-Around Volt-OHM-Ammeter 
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• Features an internal fuse and battery, eliminating the OHM probe

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