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Armstrong Pullers
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  • Protective finish on hubs and screws.
  • Lock on arm design; the harder the pull, the tighter they grip.
  • Heat treated arms, hubs and forcing screws.
  • Drop forged arms and hubs for extra strength.
  • 2/3 Arm convertible pullers feature a special hub which permits repositioning of arms.

SK Tool Self-Gripping Pullers and Set
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  • Self-centering, self-gripping design automoatically adjusts to the part being removed, reducing downtime during maintenance and repairs.
  • Safer than traditional designs. Facom engineers its puller screw heads with an internal shear pin that "breaks" when the specified torque limits are exceeded, reducing the possibility of operator injury.
  • Lock-nut allows puller legs to be locked in place. This feature prevents the jaws of the puller from slipping, thus enhancing productivity and safety.
Self-Gripping Puller Set Includes:
3 Inside legs (spread-.5.12", reach-5.52") and 3 outside legs (spread-.5.52", reach-5.79"). Can be used as either an internal or external puller--in either two or three jaw configurations. Tool can be quickly converted to pull from the inside or outside, which eliminates the need to own several models.

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