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Servo Miniature Circuit Board Drill Presses - for Use with Drills Under 1/4" - Precision Drill Press 
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• Ideal for laboratory prototype and production work
• Provides you with a smooth, easy and quiet operation
• Adjustable, sensitive quill lever
• Quill travel 1.5"
• Infinitely variable spindle speeds 200-20,000 RPM over 2 belt ranges (low ratio: 200-4,000 RPM, high ratio: 1,000-20,000 RPM)
• Spindle runout .0002" TIR
• Dial gage .001" for accurate depth
• Dial gage zero set knob
• Course depth dial .1"/div.
• Fine grain, ground cast iron base
• Column height is 12"
• Self-contained motor
• ON/OFF switch
• Albrecht chuck inch version

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