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• Long solid nose bar is suitable for many types of metalforming operations
• All body sections are welded steel plates with heavy truss rods designed to give greater unit strength

Tennsmith Standard and Universal Hand Brakes
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  • Welded steel plate construction.
  • Truss rod adjustment.
  • Replaceable bronze bushing at wear points.
  • Adjustable clamping pressure.
  • Removeable case hardened fingers permit box and pan bending on universal models.
  • 16 Gauge brake comes additionally equipped with an apron stop for repeat bends, extension handles for greater leverage, removeable bending leaf angle and insert, and counterweight.

Tennsmith Standard and Universal Heavy-Duty Hand Brakes
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  • Welded steel plate construction utilizing heavy side frames and truss bars.
  • Upper leaf adjustmant augmented with roller type thrust bearings.
  • Leveling screws.
  • Removeable bending leaf angle and insert.
  • Replaceable nosebar for upper leaf.
  • High tensile strength steel hinge pinst.
  • Bronze oilite bearings.
  • Grease fittings.
  • Apron stop for repeat bends.
  • Ductile steel clamp handles.
  • Heavy counterweights.
  • Standard models for straight bending only.
  • Universal models for box, pan or straight bending.

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