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Aloris Universal Lathe - Spindle and Collet Stops - for Use in CNC, Manual Lathes and Indexing Heads 
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Fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of applications (ranges listed in chart below). Cut time dramatically on jobs where the part must be registered in machine more than one time or where more than one part is to be machined. Just slide the body into the spindle of the machine, rotate the T-handle wrench which expands 3 keys which lock the body securely into position. When the chuck or collet is opened, and the next piece loaded into the machine all distances from the stop will repeat exactly.

XACT 5C Collet Accessories - Quick Adjusting Collet Stop 
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• With the quick adjusting 5C collet stop
• No nut to adjust
• Set screws hold stop rod firmly
• 4 Stop rods with ends turned to 1/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1" can be machined

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