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High Quality Speedy Power Drawbars - for Variable Speed and Step Pulley Type Milling Machines 
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The Speedy Power Drawbar helps to reduce operator fatigue and eliminates excessive downtime. It takes only a few minutes to install and seconds to learn. No special tools are required to install the Power Drawbar and has a limited warranty.

Kurt Automatic and Mechanical Power Drawbars 
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Virtually eliminates costly tool changing downtime. Now, you can turn wasted tool changing time into productive time with the Kurt Power Drawbar.
That means a significant savings of expensive labor costs which directly affect your bottom line.
The Kurt Power Lock is a complete system.

• Power drawbar unit
• Pneumatic tool change control system
• All mounting hardware
• Complete, easy to understand installation and maintenance instructions
• Limited warranty
• Automatic has easily accessible side mount ON/OFF switch
• Mechanical has top mounted ON/OFF lever

XACT Bridgeport Drawbars
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  • Available for 1J heads (21" long) and 2J heads (23-1/4" long).
  • Black oxide finish.

XACT Universal Variable Speed Deluxe Power Drawbar 
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• Features a specially designed and patented universal mounting variable speed flange that adapts to R8, T-30 or T-40 toolholders
• Unique adjustable drawbar enables the operator to preset length of drawbar - no special drawbar is required
• Installation: 10 minute simple and easy installation on all vari speed mills, CNC machines and step pulley heads
• Requires only 90 PSI of compressed air to operate
• Ergonomically designed for maximum productivity with minimal operator effort

• Air regulator and gage
• Air filter and oil
• Lubricator assembly
• Mounting screws
• Allen wrench
• Lubricating oil
Operation and parts manual

XACT USA Made Power Drawbar - Simple and Economical Speed Collet Changer 
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Saves Time and Money
Easy to use 1 hand operation,
the speed collet changer pays
for itself in just a few weeks,
then continues saving for years.

XACT USA Made Replacement Drawbars - 2 Life Drawbar 
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• Longer hex head
• Back-up advantage
• 2 Drawbars in 1
• Prevents excessive downtime
• American made - American quality
• Black oxide for rust prevention and nicer appearance
• To obtain second life after the end threads wear out cut off a “V” notch and remove large spacer

XACT USA Made Replacement Drawbars - Standard Drawbars 
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