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Machinery - Milling Machine Accessories - Right Angle Attach.

Dorian Right Angle Drive and Accessories for Vertical Milling Machine - Special Drawbars for MMRAA 
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• Made with 7/16 - 20 Thread 4140
• Heat treated alloy steel

H and R Mfg. Right Angle Attachment Set - Convert your Vertical Mill to a Horizontal Mill 
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• All cast steel body
• Alignment flat both sides
• Ribbed support for strength
• Special hardened and ground spiral bevel gears 1.33 to 1 gear reduction ratio
• R8 Spindles are quality inspected in testing before shipment .001 T.I.R. Max.
Set Includes:
• 1 Right angle attachment
• 1 Arbor support
• 1 R8 body
• 1 Drawbar (8" Hex length - 18" bar length)

H and R Mfg. Right Angle Drive and Access. for Vertical Milling Machine 
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Arbor Assembly Comes With:
• 1.625 running bushing
• A series of 1/4", 1/2", 1" and 2" spacers
• Nut
• Length: 14
• Diameter: 1.000
• Key: 1/4
• Thread: 1 - 14

XACT Right Angle/Horizontal Attachment Set for Bridgeport Type Mills 
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• Allows the use of the R8 milling arbor to convert a vertical milling machine into a horizontal milling machine

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