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Material Handling and Tool Storage - Pallet Strappers

Vestil Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapper
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  • Speed up the process of pallet & skid strapping.
  • To use, simply slide machine arm into a pallet and pull strapping up and over product and back into machine.
  • Automatically feeds the desired strap through the pallet or skid, tensions and seals the strap around the pallet, thus eliminating metal seals and troublesome tensioners.
  • Arm length is 49" with a lead strap height of 23".
  • Power is 110V, 1 phase, includes plug in power cord.
  • Available for use with 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" polypropylene or polyester strapping - a variety of colors available.
  • Overall size: (W x D x H) 63" x 21-1/2" x 58-1/2".
  • Weight: 311 lbs.

Vestil Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine & Edge Protectors
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  • Minimize packing time while securing contents effectively.
  • Fully portable strapping machine dispenses, tightens and seals polypropylene strapping around packages or bundles greater than 3".
  • Strapping surface: 22-1/2"W x 35"L x 29"H.
  • Automatically tensions strap and joins ends with secure heat weld.
  • Wall plug standard 115V / single phase 15 Amp.
  • Accepts 1/2" strapping material (sold separately).

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