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Material Handling and Tool Storage - Stretch Wrap Equipment

Shipping Room Supplies - Handwrap II 
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• 20" x 1000'
• 70 Gauge
• Made from high quality resin for superior stretch, puncture resistance and clarity
• Self-adhering cling even in cold temperatures
• Stretch film has built-in handle

Shipping Room Supplies - Stretch Film Dispenser 
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• Hand held
• Broad base resists tipover, minimizing nicks, cuts
• 33º Angled handle and teflon-coated core holder

Vestil Hand Held Stretch Wrapper & Knife
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  • Lightweight, free-wheeling dispenser maintains precision tension control.
  • Ergonomic design reduces both bending and fatigue.
  • Holds rolls up to 12" high and 8" diameter.
  • Compact knife is small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Specially angled cutting head easily slices wrap.
  • Safe design will not cut user or products.

Vestil Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine
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  • Complete with powered turntable and counterbalanced stretch film mast.
  • Easy to operate, simply depress foot pedal and manually move the mast up and down.
  • Powered by a 115V, using a 90V DC, 1/2 HP motor with soft start/stop and variable speed control.
  • Two film rods come with each unit - a 15" and 25" to accommodate 10" and 20" material.
  • Adjustable rotation speeds of 3-12 RPM.
  • Approach ramp & powered mast available separately.
  • Ramp for use with #95025140 model only.

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