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Precision Tools - 3D Alignment Indicators

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Fowler Universal 3D Sensor 

• Clamping shank diameter: 3/4"
• Accuracy: .0004" (with short sensor)
• Length without clamping shank: 4-1/2"
• Short sensor stylus insert diameter: 0.2"
• Long sensor stylus insert diameter: 0.4"

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Spi 3D Alignment Indicator 

Quickly and Easily Finds Edge, Center or Depth
(All 3 Axis - X, Y or Z)

Use with Jig Bore, Milling Machines, Lathes, CNC and EDM

Eliminates Tedious, Trial and Error
Measurements and Calculations!

Complete Over-Run Control!

Servicing Industry Since 1968

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