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Brown & Sharpe Centerline Plus Accessory Kit

  • Measure places impossible to reach with a regular caliper - undercuts, grooves, webs, etc.
  • Exclusive interchangeable centerline.
  • Exclusive 4-48 threaded holes in jaws allow the use of any AGD standard threads.
  • Cold rolled steel, case hardened with corrosion resistant black oxide plating.
  • Permanent alignment pin assures easy alignment.

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Spi Pitch Master - 4 Sets Available 

• Measures pitch diameter in all threads from 6.5 to 42 threads-per-inch and metric 0.6 to 4.0 mm
• Mounts easily on standard micrometer or caliper
• With attachments mounted, close instrument, set zero and you are ready to measure
• Includes all charts needed for final calculations

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XACT Caliper Depth Base Attachment

  • Transforms your dial, vernier or digital caliper into a depth measurement device without the expense of stand alone depth micrometers.
  • Fits any brand dial or vernier caliper.
  • Precision ground, surface hardened.
  • Attaches with single screw.

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  • Increase measuring capacity of any 6" dial caliper to as much as 51".
  • Easily attaches to your caliper as a permanent or a temporary measuring device.

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XACT Groove Master Caliper Attachments

  • Quick and accurate measurements of internal and external diameters of retaining ring grooves, O-ring grooves and undercuts.
  • Precision-machined from steel, hard chrome-plated for extra wear resistance.
  • Fits all 6" vernier dial and digital calipers with a maximum jaw thickness of 140".
  • Measures internal grooves from 200" up to the capacity of the caliper.

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XACT Universal Caliper Accessory Kit

  • Fits all dial and vernier calipers with a 4", 6" or 8" range.
  • Measures slots, grooves, webs, shoulders, holes and pockets.
  • Thousands of measuring applications.
  • Conveniently adapts in seconds.
  • Unconditionally guaranteed.
  • Cold rolled steel with black oxide finish.

Kit Contains:

  • (2) Universal caliper bodies.
  • (4) Pair accessory points: Flat, Conical, Stem and Ball End
  • Set screws.
  • Allen wrench.

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XACT USA Made Cal-X-Tender 

• Converts your 6" Dial/Digital Caliper into a measuring device capable of measuring 51" with accuracy
• Fits most 6" dial, vernier and electronic calipers
• Furnished with a 6" calibration bar
• Both for inside and outside measurements
• Optional layout kit has carbide scribe point and a stepped pin
• A pair of 1/2" long projection pins provided with unit

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