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Precision Tools - Height Gages - Dial

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Avenger Titanium Nitride Coated 12" Twin Column Height Gage

  • Titanium nitride coating provides superior wear and corrosion resistance with smooth movement.
  • .001" Graduations, .100" per revolution, 12" measuring range.
  • Columns are manufactured to close tolerances.
  • Guaranteed to measure at or within .001" over the full range of 12".
  • Comes standard with carbide tipped scriber.
  • Underside of base is hardened and ground.
  • Digital counter has 2 displays which provide separate up and downward measurements.
  • Digital counter can be zeroed out at any point within the measurement range.
  • Locking mechanism.

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Starrett Dial Height Gages - 0 - 6" 

• Sharp, clear dial graduations of .001" (0.02 mm), .100" (2 mm) in one revolution
• Sharp, black graduations on the satin chrome finished bar every .100" (2 mm)
• Tool scribes lines, measures with test indicators, and can also be used with a depth attachment
• Features a lock screw for dial and a lock to hold the slide in position

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XACT Dial Height Gages

  • Fine adjustment and lock.
  • Graduation: .001".
  • .100" Per revolution.
  • Has a carbide-tipped scriber.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Shockproof.
  • Right hand type for easy use.

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XACT Dial Height Gages 

• Fine adjustment and lock
• .001" Graduations
• Carbide tipped scriber
• Made of stainless steel
• Shock proof
• Right hand type for easy use
• Complete with case

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