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Brown & Sharpe Hite-Icator - Digital Reading Height Setting and Height Reference Gages 

• Accuracy: Within +.000050" (+0.00127 mm)
• Positioning: Rapid adjusting knob for quick, precise positioning of reference blocks
• Micrometer Head: 4" diameter micrometer head for precise, direct reading by .001" (0.002 mm)
• Digital Display: Error-proof .001" (0.01 mm) digital display
• Convenience: Column scales show each 1" (25 mm)
• Efficiency: The top of each reference block is permanently wrung to the bottom of the adjacent block, permitting over and under measurement without changing the setting. Eliminates the need for a reverse checking plate
• Repeatability: Small gaging surfaces designed for ease of use and highest degree of repeatability
• Column: Block column moves as a single unit without rotation
• Lapped Base Pads: Hardened and lapped base pads provide smooth, accurate movement on surface plates
• Extended Work Ranges: Accessory Riser Blocks attach securely to Hite-Icator's base pads by interlocking without clamping. Each Riser Block extends Hite-IcatorĘs working range by 10" (250 mm)

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Mitutoyo Digimatic E-Type Height Master 

• Features a built-in LCD readout with resolution to .0001" (0.001 mm)
• With the easy to read digimatic display, height calibration is made quick and efficient with virtually no chance of reading error
• SPC output is also provided for record keeping and data processing
• Lead screws is ±.0001"

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Mitutoyo Height Master 

• Features a stack of reference blocks and a speed dial type micrometer head housed in a rigid cast iron frame
• Contains accurate reference block stack, which easily provides a desired height
• Models with staggered design of block stack have two measuring faces on the same level, one facing up and the other facing down (515-311, 515-322)
• Includes speed dial type micrometer head for rapid setting of desired heights
• Rigid construction ensures stable height measurement and a long service life
• Three carbide tipped pads lapped to serve as an accurate reference on the surface plate and ensure durability
• Each Height Master is supplied with a gage block for zero setting
• Block pitch accuracy: ±.00005"/±1¦m
• Micrometer head accuracy: ±.00005"/±1¦m
• 5.9"(W) x 17.1"(H) x 5.3"(D)
• Includes fitted wooden case
• Includes certificate of accuracy traceable to NIST

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Starrett Digi-Chek Height Gages 

• Micrometer head has speeder-type hand knob for rapid rotation to desired setting
• Super-precision micrometer head direct reading in .0001", range 1". Satin chrome finish. One-piece spindle, hardened, threads ground from solid and stabilized
• Extra-large 4-1/16" diameter thimble with widely spaced graduations specially staggered for quick reading
• Digi-Chek digital readout, reads in .001", range 1". Direct Vision design with micrometer head and Digi-Chek mounted on top of gage directly in line with operator's vision. All figures vertical for fast reading. Digi-Chek is entirely enclosed at top of gage for maximum protection - does not extend out from frame of gage
• Gage block column in 1" increments permanently wrung together with surfaces specially treated to prevent corrosion. Made of finest steel heat treated to minimum Rockwell 65±1/2 “C” scale
• Gage block column moved up and down by micrometer head. Scales on either side read to nearest inch, Digi-Chek in .001", and micrometer in final .0001". Gage block column is free standing to conform to temperature variations
• Over and under heights checked directly in single setting. Reference surfaces at top and bottom of each block and top and bottom of adjacent blocks in same plane. Readings also can be taken from either left, center, or right of the gage block column
• Extremely rigid, heavily flanged frame for stability
• Base with 3-point bearing on three ground and lapped pads. Virtually tip-proof

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Starrett Height Transfer Gage 

• An ideal instrument for use with test indicators or electronic amplifiers
• Use to accurately transfer height settings from gage blocks, optical height settings from gage blocks, optical height gages or other standards
• Extreme rigidity provides the vibration-proof stability necessary to permit precise repeat readings with indicators of the highest amplification
• 3/8" Fine adjustment
• Range: 14"
• Base: 5-3/4 x 3-1/2 x 1-1/2
• Gage rod-9" x .375" outside diameter with steps 1/4, 7/32, 5/16" outside diameter
• Case included

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