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XACT Co-Ax Indicator

  • Quickly and accurately centers boring and milling setups.
  • Designed for centering workpiece or fixture.
  • Operate at any angle from horizontal to vertical without a change and from internal to external diameter by simply changing the feelers.
  • No mirrors or contorting to read diameter.
  • Includes indicator, internal and external feeler, restraining arm and fitted box.
  • Length: 6-7/8".
  • Shank: 3/8" dia. x 7/8"long.
  • Feeler ball: 1/8" diameter.
  • Measuring range: 250 axis offset.
  • Capacity: Internal 5/32" to 4-1/4" diameter.
  • External 0 to 4-1/4" diameter.
  • Speed: Not to exceed 800 RPM approximate.
  • Locating accuracy: To within 0.0002" of true center.
  • Graduation: 0.0005".

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