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Starrett Electronic Digital Special-Purpose Micrometer - Sheet Metal

  • Range 0-1" (0-25 mm).
  • Resolution .00005" (.001 mm).
  • Reaches over the edge of sheet metal and takes measurements away from the edge toward the center.
  • Zero absolute.
  • Output capability to Starrett SPC Plus hardware and software and to IBM compatible PCs.
  • High-contrast LCD readout with large numbers.
  • Auto shutdown after 30 mins. of idle time.
  • One-year working battery life.
  • Error and flashing out-of-tolerance displays.
  • Inch/mm conversion.
  • High-low limit settings.
  • Limits mode for entering product specifications.
  • Non-glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve.
  • Friction thimble and ring-type locknut.
  • Rigid frame construction and balanced feel.
  • Cases not supplied.

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