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Precision Tools - Micrometers - Spline

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Mahr-Federal Spline Micrometer 40 AB 

• For measuring recesses and grooves, etc.
• Chrome Plated steel frame
• Spindle and anvil made of hardened steel
• Carbide tipped measuring faces
• Operating and scale parts with satin chrome finish
• Heat insulators
• Rapid drive with integrated ratchet stop
• Locking device

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Mitutoyo Digimatic Specialty Micrometers - Spline Micrometers 

• Use to measure splines, slots, keyways,and recesses where a standard micrometer anvil and spindle cannot be utilized
• .079" or .118" Spindle and anvil diameters available
• Measuring face flatness .00002".
• Carbide tipped measuring surfaces
• Parallelism between the faces .00005"

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Mitutoyo Spline Micrometers 

• Features .118" (3 mm) diameter spindle and anvil which are carbide tipped for greater accuracy and long life
• Graduation: .0001"
• Range: 0 - 1"
• Includes ratchet stop, locking clamp and satin-chromed sleeve and thimble
• Includes fitted carrying case

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XACT Spline Micrometers 

• Ratchet stop and lock nut
• .0001"/.01 mm Graduation
• Includes fitted case

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