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General Hardware Gages and Protractors - 4" Multi-Use Gage 

• 4" Rule is graduated in 64ths and millimeters
• Use as drill point gage, square, bevel protractor, and center finder
• Features a tap and drill table

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XACT USA Made Combination Angle- Finder, Center Locator and Leveling Gage 

• An extremely accurate protractor with an extremely sensitive sealed, balanced needle
• Protractor is permanently attached as an integral part of a powerful Magnetic V-Base containing lifetime Alinco magnets
• V-Base exerts powerful magnetic pull, both in the “V” and across the bottom surface of the 2 legs of the “V”
• Attaches instantly and holds firmly to any ferrous surface, round or flat
• Gives immediate readings of angles for full 360º radius

Height: 5-1/4" Width: 5"
Depth: 1" Weight: 16 oz.
Packaged: one per carton

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