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Precision Tools - Planer/Shaper Gages

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Planer and Shaper Gage 

• Maximum range 10-1/4 with both extension rods and 6-1/4 without extension
• Makes setting of planer and shaper tools easy
• Set gage with micrometer, surface gage or caliper and bring cutting tool in contact with it
• Gives the operator a reliable starting point, thus eliminating trial cuts
• Also use in conjunction with dial indicator to level large plates for planing
• Gage with 3" extension

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Starrett Planer and Shaper Gage 

• Features precision ground working surfaces
• The ways are ground to a bevel to assure accurate alignment
• Gage can be used on base and end or flat on sides
• Base is 5-1/4" long by 3/4" wide
• A 3" extension furnished with gage provides range from 1/4 to 9"

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XACT Planer/Shaper Gage

  • Made from hardened and ground alloy steel castings.
  • Range: 1/4" to 6-1/4" with extension rod.
  • Makes setting of planer and shaper tools easy.
  • Provides the machine operator with a reliable starting point - eliminates trial cuts.
  • Squareness: .0002".

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