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Precision Tools - Slot and Groove Gages

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Brown & Sharpe Groove Checking Comparator Gages 

• Offers precise measurement of internal grooves from .375" to 6" (10 - 150 mm) without extension
• The finest instrument available for checking of ovality, parallelism, grooves, undercuts, blind holes and T-slots
• Locking lever and dial locking screw prevent accidental alteration of setting
• When the instrument is used with two contact points it is set using a micrometer; for three-point contact it is set with a ring gage
• Wide or narrow centering arm holds contact points central when checking medium and large bores
• Includes adjustable arm ends

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SPI O-Ring Groove Gage

  • Simple, economical I.D. - O.D. O-ring groove gage used in combination with standard test indicators.
  • Easy to setup in a wide range of 0-6" or 6-12" with gage blocks, micrometers or setting masters.
  • Highly accurate method to inspect short steps, counter- bores, keyways and O-ring grooves.
  • Light weight, black anodized aluminum.
  • Indicator not included.

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SPI Slot and Groove Gages

Extreme accuracy, simplicity and versatility for measuring the width and distance of slots and grooves for stop rings, circlips, O-rings, joints, or axial lengths in a bore etc.
  • Available 0-2" or 0-60 mm.
  • Direct reading.
  • Grad. .0005" - metric .01mm.
  • Continuous dial.
  • Large revolution counter.
  • Jeweled movement.
  • Shockproof.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Setting gage.
  • Table stand.
  • Fitted case.

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