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Shop Supplies - Air Guns and Hoses - Blovac

Blovac Safe Air Products - 2-in-1 Cleaning Gun 
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• 2-in-1 Cleaning gun for high powered vacuum cleaning or pressure cleaning
• Approximate nozzle size 1"
• Ideal for high-powered industrial vacuum cleaning or precise, high velocity air pressure cleaning
• Vacuums glass cuttings, metal filings, fiberglass residue, ceramic dust and other dry materials with ease
• As a blower, the BV22 is excellent for blow cleaning machine tools and for providing cooling for industrial and manufacturing processes

Blovac Safe Air Products - Deep Hole Air Cleaning Gun Kit 
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• Removes metal chips from blind holes with simultaneous blow and vacuum action and transports them to a suitable storage container
• Powered solely by compressed air
• Develops a spiral air flow which allows metal chips to be conveyed over long distances
Kit Includes:
• Pouch design dust bag
• Heavy-duty conveying hose
• Hose clamp

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