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Royal Pneuvac Air Guns
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  • Unique design enables unit to act as both a blow gun and a vacuum.
  • High-output venturi design multiplies air flow by 12 times.
  • Changing between blow and vacuum modes is accomplished by simply reversing the direction of the venturi.
  • New trigger design reduces strain.
  • High vacuum production with minimal air consumption.
  • Made of rugged, anti-static nylon.
  • Dust bag kit includes PneuVac gun, dust bag, extension tube and clamp.
  • Hose kit includes PneuVac gun, 10 ft. smooth-bore hose, extension tube and clamp.

Safety Air Guns, Syphon Guns and Shop Vacs - Model 1410 Gun-Vac Vacuum Kit 
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• Uses standard shop compressed air to vacuum metal chips, debris, sawdust, pellets, trimmings, crumbs, powders
• Durable cast aluminum body
• 1/4" NPT female inlet
•Maximum operating pressure of 150 PSI
• Produces vacuum of 6.9 inHg, or twice the average suction compared to electric shop vacuums

Safety Blow Guns - Extension and Multi-Jet Nozzles 
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• Ideal for cleaning out-of-reach places
• Maximum flow for easy clean-up and blow-off of even the heaviest shavings and chips
• Variable flow trigger for controlled blow off

XACT Safety Blow Guns 
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• This all purpose gun can be used with solvent, kerosene and water, or detergent
• Easy to use, simply connect to air power, and drop siphon tube in cleaning solution
• Produces a powerful spray
• Siphon control knob for economical usage of cleaning fluid
• Fingertip control knob for easy air control
• 2 Meter length of siphon tube
• 17" Long for reaching hard-to-get areas
• Siphon tube filter

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