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Shop Supplies - Hot Melt Coatings

Industrial Marking Products - Dip Coating Pots and Tanks 
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Reduce heat loss to a minimum with these cast aluminum pots. They're encased in a steel jacket mounted on an air-cooled base and feature fiberglass and air insulation. Ideal for short run and volume production dip coating, impregnating, and melting plastic coatings, waxes, compounds, and glue. Do NOT use these pots or tanks with solder and other low melt metals.
Choose from round pots or rectangular tanks. Both have an automatic adjustable thermostat for temperature control. Furnished with a pilot light, handy protective cover, and 6' 3-wire grounded power cord and plug. All units are for 115VAC operation.

Peel Coat - Hot Melt Protective Strippable Coating 
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Transparent Amber Hot Melt, 100% solids coating. Based on Ethylcellulose, that can be reused. Has excellent pot life. For machine tool protection. Can be mixed with any Ethylcellulose-based coating. Pot temperature 350º F. Order No. EMI-50000E
Tough Amber coating meeting the requirements of Military Specification JAN-C-149, and MIL-149b. Used for long time storage. Good where rough handling can occur. Pot temperature 375º F. Order No. EMI-60000K
Oil-free, Protective Coating used as stopoff in electroplating, capping of oxygen tubing, sealing the ends of electric cable, and other plating compound applications where no exudation of any type can be tolerated. Meets the requirements of MIL-P-23242-A. Comes in Clear and Transparent Pink. Easily trimmed. (This is a good product where dryness on the inside is needed.) Pot temperature 360º F. Order No. EMI-10000C

XACT Hot Melt Coating
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  • Protect tools, gages and metal parts from nicks, corrosion and abrasions during storage and shipping.
  • Available in 2 formulas: TYPE 1 - Bar Shape TYPE 2 - Disc Shape.
  • Packaged in convenient 5 lb. bags.
  • Five transparent colors: amber, clear, red, green and blue.
  • Set time is less than 60 seconds.
  • Melting temperatures: TYPE 1 = 340-350 F - TYPE 2 = 320-340 F.

XACT Hot Melt Coating Pots
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  • Round cast aluminum thermostatically controlled.
  • Includes cover, 6 foot 3-wire grounded cord and plug.
  • Temperature control ranges from 150 to 550 F.
  • All units are 115 VAC.
  • Other sizes available. Call for details.

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