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Shop Supplies - Lighting and Flashlights - Fostoria

Fostoria Loading Dock Lights - Product Features: 
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• Yellow and black powder coating finish
• Arms constructed of yellow and black powder coating, 1-1/2" square, 14 gauge steel tubing
• Cordset consists of 5' long, 18/3 SJTW cord, NEMA 5-15 plug, 120V
• 3" x 5" x 3/16 steel mtg. plate accepts (4) 3/8" bolts
• On “VA” (Vertical Adjustment) arm units the outer arm and shade will swing 300º in horizontal plane and 210º in vertical plane
• All lightheads include ON/OFF switch and OSHA approved and UL/C-UL listed wire guard
• All lightheads are constructed of 18 gauge aluminum, except the 500 watt quartz halogen which consists of aluminum die-cast weatherproof head with lens

Fostoria Machine Tool Lights - 12-R-M-3 - Medium Duty Flex-Arm Incandescent Lights 
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• Chrome plated, flexible arm
• 8' 18/3 or 18/2 SPT cordset with molded plug
• Turn knob on-off switch
• Phenolic shade with spun aluminum inner reflector on R-series
• Bulb not included

Fostoria Machine Tool Lights - Fluorescent Magnifiers (MAG) 
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• Spring activated arm on-off rocker switch
• Base assembly will either clamp-on or bolt-on to a flat surface up to 2" thick
• A 22W T-9 circline fluorescent lamp included
• 3-wire, grounded, 8' cordset and molded plug
• Convenience outlet - can be used to power up to 5 amps
• 3 Diopter lens (1.75 times magnification at 13" focal length) on 25", 33", or 45" arms
• 5 Diopter lens (2.25 times magnification at 3.75" focal length) available on 45" arm

Fostoria Machine Tool Lights - Incandescent Fixtures - Heavy-Duty Machine Tool Lights 
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• Patented disc and collar swivel joints
• Horizontal or vertical bolt down mounting bracket
• Arms made of 5/8" steel tubing
• 10 Amp rocker type on/off switch
• Glazed porcelain lamp socket
• 8' 18/3 SJTO cordset with NEMA 5-15 molded grounded plug
• Charcoal gray enamel finish with reflective white interior
• Bar knobs and collar thumbscrews eliminate need for hand tool when adjusting fixture
• Bulb not included

Fostoria Machine Tool Lights - Internal Ballast - Water Resistant Fluorescent Machine Tool Lights 
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• UL listed for NEMA type 13 applications - oil / water / coolant spray areas (not submersible) and dusty atmospheres
• Available with scratch and chemical resistant glass tubes or light weight, economical, shatter resistant polycarbonate tubes (2.65" diameter)
• Stainless steel mounting brackets and fluorescent bulb are included
• 8' Long, 18-3 gauge SJTOW cord with NEMA 5-15 plugs

Fostoria Portable Work Lights - Quartz Halogen Work Lights: 
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• 500W, 120V Quartz halogen shade
• Weatherproof aluminum die cast shade with handle for light aiming
• Quartz halogen lamp and wire guard included; 11,000 lumens / 2,000 hours average lamp life
• Bases: yellow and black powder coating finish
• UL and C-UL listed
• All lights include 15' long 18/3 SJT, 120V cord-set with grounded plug
• All shades will swivel 300º horizontally and 210º vertically
• ON/OFF switch for each lighthead

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