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Shop Supplies - Lighting and Flashlights - Steelman Bend-A-Light

Steelman Bend-A-Light Set
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  • Bend-A-Light with a 10" flexible brass shaft and a plastic handle.
  • Protective cover.
  • 2-AA batteries.
  • Hands-free magnet which clips on to the handle and attaches the light to a nearby ferrous surface.
  • Illuminating pick-up magnet which fits over the end of the bulb.
  • Pocket flashlight (2-AAA batteries included).
  • Extension mirror.
  • Vinyl carrying pouch.

Steelman Bend-A-Light® 
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Ideal for use in difficult to illuminate and tight work areas where high intensity light is needed. The flexible shaft bends, so it will go around corners into small areas where most lights will not fit. All Bend-A-Light models come with batteries installed.
Standard Models:
• Flexible brass alloy shaft - 1/8" diameter
• High intensity lamp (5,000 foot candle power) 3/16" diameter
Chrome Models:
• New co-axial cable ˘Ultra÷ flexible shaft is nearly impossible to break, no matter where or how the shaft is bent
• 24" Models feature super high intensity Krypton Lamp (10,000 ft. - candle power) 3/16" diameter
• Protective cover included on 16" and 24" models

Steelman Inspector™ - Adjustable Lighted Inspection Mirror 
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Features for Flex Shaft:
• Flexible shaft
• Thumbwheel controls mirror angle
• 4x Magnified mirror (1-1/2 x 2-1/2)
• 42" Model has krypton bulb
Features for Rigid Shaft:
• Rigid shaft
• Thumbwheel controls mirror angle
• 1x Mirror (1-1/2 x 2-1/2)

Steelman Lighted Inspection Mirrors
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  • Available 24" or 42".
  • 4 Power magnified mirrors.
  • Mirror adjusts 90 degrees.
  • Flexible shaft allows inspection in the tightest area.
  • Furnished w/krypton bulb and 2 AA alkaline batteries.

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