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Greenfield Industries Screw Thread Manual - Metric 
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• Totally revised to provide you with over 50 years of metric screw threading experience
• Presents useful design, specification and manufacturing information for the most commonly used ISO metric threads
• 36 Pages, outlines current internal and external limits for product threads, tools and gages
• Includes an expanded listing for both metric and decimal inch translations by tolerance class for allowance, major diameter and minor diameter

Industrial Press 27th Edition Machinery Handbook and Guide
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Celebrating its 90th year, the newest edition of "The Bible" in its field brings together volumes of knowledge, information and data gathered, revised and improved upon from experts throughout the mechanical industries. Extraordinarily comprehensive yet easy to use since it premired, Machinery's Handbook provides mechanical and manufacturing engineers, designers, draftsmen, toolmakers, and machinist's with a broad range material, from the very basic to the more advanced. It has always, and continues to provide industry fundamentals and standards while it moves fullsteam ahead into the 21st century with material reflecting technological advances and offering vast editorial improvements, making the 27th Edition the best tool in your box...ever!

  • A new more usable organization...every section has been reformatted so that you will never have to search outside of that area for information on the topic you are exploring.
  • 30% MORE Math coverage...from the basic to the advanced, you'll find fractions, positive and negative numbers, derivatives and integrals, analytical geometry, circular segments, matrices and engineering economics.
  • New or revised material on...cutting tools, screw threads, symbols and abbreviations, threads and threading, disc springs, properties and materials, sine bars, and sheet metal.
  • Updated Standards.
  • New individual indices for...standards, materials, and interactive equations.

  • Library of Technical References - 10th Edition - MarksĂ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers 
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    By Eugene A. Avallone and
    Theodore Baumeister III
    The 10th Edition of this classic handbook - known among engineers simply as “Marks” - has been thoroughly revised and updated to offer mechanical and design engineers practical, in-depth coverage of every aspect of mechanical engineering.
    This revision provides quick access to over 100 vital topics in such areas as mathematicsÓ mechanics of solids and fluidsÓ machine elementsÓ power generationÓ materials handlingÓ transportationÓ fans, pumps, and compressorsÓ electrical and electronics engineeringÓ instruments and controlsÓ industrial engineeringÓ and more.

    Library of Technical References - 14th Edition - American ElectricianĂs Handbook 
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    Edited By Terrell Croft and Wilford I. Summers
    The new edition of the definitive reference for over 75 years, this essential handbook contains a wealth of information and practical advice on the selection, installation, maintenance and operation of all types of electrical equipment and wiring. The twelfth edition of this comprehensive sourcebook now features:
    • Revised lamp tables that reflect energy-saving concerns
    • New conductor insulation types and expanded ampacities for cable types C and W
    • Safe alternatives to asbestos insulations
    • Expanded information on surge protection
    • New enclosure classifications and receptacle and plug configurations
    Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, the new edition of the American ElectricianĂs Handbook offers electricians and electrical engineers everything they need to know to stay on top of their profession.

    Library of Technical References - 26th Edition - Companion Book - the Use of Tables and Formulas 
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    Completely updated to reflect the changes and additions made to the Handbook. You will find information on how to make full use of the Handbook to solve problems encountered on the job. Its wealth of time-saving data can help in almost any situation and includes over 500 examples and questions (with answers) specially selected for engineers and apprentices.

    Library of Technical References - 26th Edition - Machinery's Handbook 
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    By Oberg, Jones, Horton, Green, and McCaulev
    Nearly 100 pages longer overall than prior editions, Machinery's Handbook remains unchallenged as “The Bible” in it's field, and the new 26th edition remains true to the Handbook's original design as an extraordinarily comprehensive yet practical and easy-to-use reference. The Handbook has expanded coverage of speeds and feeds, including new material on grinding; also an increased mathmatics section with new coverage of coordinate systems and interpolations. Aside from numerous changes in content, the editors have paid close attention to enhancing the clarity of the presentaion through improved layouts and graphics

    Library of Technical References - 2nd Edition - CNC Programming Handbook 
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    By Peter Smid
    Extraordinarily comprehensive, this popular and authoritative reference covers just about every possibel subject a CNC programmer may encounter on a daily basis. Fully indexed to help the user quickly locate topics of interest, this “industrial strength” handbook presents most common programming subjects in great depth and is equally applicable to both CNC milling and CNC turning operations. Great for machinists, engineers, programmers, and supervisors. Filled with over 1,000 illustrations, tables, formulas, tips, shortcuts, and practical examples.

    Library of Technical References - 2nd Edition - How to Make Injection Molds 
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    By G. Menges and P. Mohren
    This is a comprehensive handbook for the design and manufacture of injection molds. It covers all practical aspects involved such as material selection, general mold design, fabricating cavities and cores, dimensioning for mechanical and thermal design, venting, demolding techniques and devices, mold standards, maintenance, and more. Recognition of the significance of computer assisted design and machining (CAD/CAM) has resulted in incorporating useful information about this subject.
    The information provided is not limited to thermoplastics as
    molding material but includes thermosets and elastomers.

    Library of Technical References - 2nd Edition - Mold Making Handbook 
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    Edited by Gnnter Mennig
    First edited by K. Stoeckhert
    Well known throughout the plastics industry as the mold making bible, this authoritative handbook provides fundamental and engineering aspects of mold construction and mold manufacturing for all major processes other than extrusion. This new and updated edition provides a ready reference tool for everyone involved in design, manufacturing, and application of molds for plastics processing.

    Library of Technical References - 2nd Edition - Pipe Welding Procedures 
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    By Hoobasar Rampaul
    Drawing on his extensive practical and teaching experience in the field, the author describes in detail the manipulating procedures used to weld pipe joints. It reinforces the welderĂs understanding of procedures with material on heat input and distribution, essentials of shielded metal-arc technology, distortion, pipe welding defects, welding safety, essentials of welding metallurgy, and qualification of the welding procedure and the welder.

    Library of Technical References - 2nd Edition - Reliability-Centered Maintenance 
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    By John Moubray
    Initially developed by the aviation industry, RCM is rapidly becoming fundamental to the practice of maintenance management and is now in use at hundreds of industrial and service organizations around the world. This book provides an authoritative and practical explanation of what RCM is and how it can be applied. It is of vital importance to anyone concerned with productivity, quality, safety, and environmental integrity

    Library of Technical References - 2nd Edition - Shop Reference for Students and Apprentices Handbook 
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    Compiled by Edward G. Hoffman
    The most authoritative reference available, this book has been specifically compiled for students in vocational schools, technical institutes, and apprenticeship courses. Each of its eight sections covers areas of prime interest to draftsmen, machinists, toolmakers, diemakers, and other shop personnel. In addition, it will prepare students to use the standard reference Machinery's Handbook, upon entering their professional careers.

    Library of Technical References - 2nd Edition - Technical Shop Mathematics 
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    By John G. Anderson
    Suitable for home study, classroom use, or as a superior reference guide for the shop professional, this practical text presents a review and introduction to basic shop mathematics in a straightforward manner. Offers a slowly paced exposition of the basic principles of the subject necessary to machinists, toolmakers, patternmakers, and other persons in the mechanical trades.

    Library of Technical References - 2nd Edition - Welding 
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    By Don Geary
    Packed with easy to follow instructions, illustrations and an assortment of metalworking projects. Welding helps you set up your home safely, and get professional results, even if you are a beginner
    Glossary of technical terms, practical tips and advice, lists the newest tools and materials and more!

    Library of Technical References - 3rd Edition - Blueprint Reading Basics 
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    By Warren Hammer
    The new third edition of this widely used text and self-training manual has been expanded to include many new worksheets designed to facilitate the reader's ability to form a mental picture from a drawing. Each chapter thoroughly covers one subject and contains an introduction, a detailed review of the subject, illustrations, review questions, and worksheets. Industry standards (including the latest version of ASME Y14.5, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing), practices, and copies of industrial blueprints are included throughout the text to provide a balanced presentation of blueprint reading theory and industry applications. The book is written in a non-technical and easy to understand manner that is appropriate for machinists, mechanics, technicians, and inspectors, as well as students taking blueprint reading, machine shop, or tool and die courses. Discussions of related subjects such as mathematics, engineering theories, drafting techniques and machine shop practices are kept to a minimum.

    Library of Technical References - 3rd Edition - Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly 
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    By Paul A. Tres, Consultant, ETS, Inc.
    This third and updated edition of Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly is an engineer's handbook on both part design and assembly. The content provides a design process that optimizes todayĂs plastic materials for modern manufacturing systems. The first section reviews the physical and mechanical properties of polymers, explaining the major polymer families and their structures; the second section deals with specific assembly and design techniques. 2 Appendices at the end of the book give details about FEA, including authentic output from FEA software.
    Understanding plastic materials. Understanding safety factors. Strength of materials for plastics. Nonlinear considerations. Assembly techniques for plastics. Press fitting. Living hinges. Snap fitting. Appendixes.

    Library of Technical References - 3rd Edition - Handbook of Dimensional Measurement 
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    By Francis T. Farago and Mark Curtis
    Nineteen fact-filled chapters that contain authoritative treatment of all aspects of dimensional measurement technology make Handbook of Dimensional Measurement the most readable and comprehensive guide available for engineers and technicians engaged in the various stages of industrial production. Design engineers, manufacturing engineers, tool and gage makers, quality control specialists, and reliability experts will find its wealth of practical data unmatched by any other reference.

    Library of Technical References - 3rd Edition - Pipefitters Handbook 
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    By Forrest R. Lindsey
    Compact and pocket-sized, this handy reference contains thousands of facts and figures relevant to pipefitters, steamfitters - anyone concerned with layout and installation of pipe.
    • Provides answers to all sorts of problems indigenous to power and industrial pipebending, and the fabrication of welding fittings in both shop and field
    • Logically categorizes all material according to job description, supporting each working table with a clear example of how to use it
    • Includes a special reference section that gives instant data on the 24 most useful on-the-job subjects, such as spark tests for metals, sheet metal weights, valve types, weights and measures, and many more
    • Discusses all types of bends; elbows, tees, and crosses; plastic pipe; soldering and brazing; travel and run; fitting dimensions; threading pipe; relative physical properties; and more

    Library of Technical References - 3rd Edition - Pocket Reference Book 
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    By Thomas J. Glover
    544 Pages of tables, maps, formulas, constants and conversions. This book is an excellent reference for engineers, managers, foremen, purchasing agents, maintenance persons and craftsmen.

    Library of Technical References - 5th Edition - Machine Shop Training Course 
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    By Franklin D. Jones
    These valuable combination texts and reference guides include everything from underlying principles, to standards, to calculations for every specific task in shop training.
    Presents an outstanding treatise on machine shop practice that includes fundamental principles and methods of adjusting and using different types of machine tools.

    Library of Technical References - 6th Edition - Inspection and Gaging 
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    By Clifford W. Kennedy
    Revised and Edited by Donald E. Andrews,
    Manager of Inspection, Federal Products Corp.
    The need and function of inspection. How specifications aid the inspector. Tolerances and allowances. How standards aid the inspector. basic principles and techniques of measurement. fixed gages, surface plate methods and equipment. Mechanical indicating equipment. Electrical indicating equipment. Air gaging equipment. Optical measuring and inspection equipment. Gaging and inspection of screw threads. Special measuring and inspection problems. Gage checking and calibration. Measuring in millionths. Coordinate measuring machines. Automatic gaging. Nondestructive testing. Basic procedures. Index.

    Library of Technical References - 7th Edition - Handbook of Hydraulics 
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    By Ernest F. Brater, Horace W. King, James E. Lindell and C.Y. Wei
    Continuing its tradition of excellence developed over 6 previous editions, this seminal handbook provides a compact, easily accessible source of current data for solving problems in hydraulic engineering. It's packed with essential tables, formulas, computer solutions, and other references needed by practicing engineers.
    Tables provide a wealth of data for solving problems. Engineers will find out how to use software to solve problems related to unsteady flow in open-channel or pipe networks, sediment transport, reservoir dynamics, hydrodynamic transport in rivers, coastal hydraulics, flow through porous media, hydraulic turbine units, and draft tubes.

    Library of Technical References - 7th Edition - Metal Cutting Tool Handbook 
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    By United States Cutting Tool Institute
    Provides up-to-the-minute information on twist drills, reamers, counterbores, taps, dies, milling cutters, hobs, and gear shaper and shaving cutters. Supplies useful tables and formulas on gears, spindle noses and arbors, tapers and angles, milling, shanks, and much more in an inclusive engineering data chapter. Illustrates through numerous photos the various types of metal cutting tools available. Includes dozens of readable charts containing standards produced by the United States Cutting Tool Institute. Presents a detailed table of contents in each section, allowing readers to easily access important topics.

    Library of Technical References - A Management Primer and Employee Training Guide - Welding 
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    By Robert O'Con
    Concise, yet thoroughm this guide will aid those in welding management with supervision and control fo their welding operations, while offering apprentices and industrial practitioners in-depth instruction on the basic manipulative welding and cutting processes, Extensively illustrated, this reference is organized ain easy-to-understand user-specific sections. The first section helps managers and small shop owners implement and manage their specific welding operations. The second section contains a complete curruculum for self of in-plant welder training.

    Library of Technical References - A Training and Maintenance Manual - Basic Industrial Electricity 
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    By Kenneth G. Oliver
    This is a basic training and maintenance manual written to explain the principles involved in the operation of electrical equipment in an average industrial plant. Basic Industrial Electricity offers a ˘hands on÷ approach and will serve as a general guide for the maintenance electrician. It will enable him to see how his equipment functions and what is required to maintain it.

    Library of Technical References - An Introduction to CNC Machining and Programming 
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    By David Gibbs and Tom Crandell
    Logically organized, CNC begins with a review of basic concepts and principles and moves on to tooling, workholding, machine setting, speeds and feeds, and part programming before concluding with a discussion of advanced techniques.
    Contents: Introduction to CNC. CNC machine design. Tooling for CNC. Work holding and part loading for CNC machinery. Terms and definitions associated with CNC part programming and machine control. Data preparation and input to machine control units. Speeds and feeds for CNC machining. Part programming: techniques, terms and definitions, conversational and manual part programming for CNC machining. Computer aided CNC part programming. Advanced techniques in CNC. Glossary. Part programming projects.

    Library of Technical References - An Introduction, 2nd Edition - CNC Machining and Programming 
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    By Thomas Crandell
    So thoroughly revised that is for all intents and purposes a new book! This unusually practical introduction to numerical control technology fully explains the most recent developments in machining and programming. Logically organized, CNC Machining and Programming begins with a review of basic concepts and principles and moves on to tooling, workholding, machine setting, speeds and feeds, and part programming before concluding with a discussion of advanced techniques. Both beginning and advanced readers will find a wealth of new information in the complete overview of the CNC.

    Library of Technical References - Basic Fixture Design 
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    By Paul Campbell
    This lavishly illustrated introduction to fixture design takes the reader from concept to building. It details the mechanics, materials used, commercially available components, design procedures and economics in basic terms with a focus on actual tooling procedures. Basic Fixture Design provides a full understanding of the design and application of fixture tools and includes information on checking fixtures, welding fixtures and procedures, three-dimensional space in checking compound warped surfaces, measurement systems and the simple mathematics required.

    Library of Technical References - Basic Machining Reference Handbook 
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    By Arthur R. Meyers and Thomas Slattery
    This is a complete and easy-to-use hands-on source for experienced machinists as well as programmers, tool designers, cost estimators, and others not directly involved with performing specific machining steps. Shows the reader how to determine speeds and feeds of metals based on chemical compositions. Explains how to select the appropriate cutting tools and their configurations. Uses projects to illustrate manual and NC and CNC machining, allowing the reader to thoroughly understand the fundamentals. Discusses all grinding procedures and measurement standards used.

    Library of Technical References - Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook 
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    By Robert L. Norton, P.E.
    The use of computers for engineering design, and in numerical control for manufacturing, has dramatically changed the cam design and manufacturing process. Additionally, cam design and manufacturing have been affected by a significant number of fundamental research results published in recent years. An invaluable resource, Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook brings together up-to-date cam design technology, correct design and manufacturing procedures, and recent cam research results in one volume that is indispensable to the design and manufacturing of cam-follower systems.

    Library of Technical References - CD-ROM Electronic GieckĂs Engineering Formulas 
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    There's a new tool available that will change the way engineers work - Electronic GiecksĂ Engineering Formulas. Now, engineers can access over 500 live formulas, more than 400 tables, and 300 live equations to help solve technical and mathematical problems immediately.
    • Rapid access to information using several navigational features including: full text searching, hypertext linking, plus a comprehensive electronic table of contents and index
    • User MathSoftĂs popular MathCad software engine - the market leader for interactive math applications

    Library of Technical References - CD-Rom Only - 26th Edition Handbook on CD-ROM 
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    Library of Technical References - CNC Programming Handbook 
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    By Peter Smit
    With over 1,000 illustrations, tables, formulas, and examples, the CNC Programming Handbook is the one stop location to answer all of your CNC technology questions. This book can be used by the novice as a training tool and will be kept by the experts as the ultimate in reference tools.

    Library of Technical References - Complete Guide to Predictive and Preventive Maintenance 
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    By Joel Levitt
    A culmination of 15 years of research, teaching, and consulting, this book shares the best practices, mistakes, victories, and essential steps for success which the author has gleaned from working with countless organizations. Unlike other books that only focus on the engineering issues (task lists) or management issues (CMMS), this in-depth resource is the first to give true emphasize to the four aspects of success in preventive maintenance systems--engineering, management, economic, and psychological -- thereby enabling readers to have a balanced view and understanding of what is happening in their organizations. Additionally, it blends concrete actionable steps and structures with the theory behind the steps.

    Library of Technical References - Computer Numerical Controls for Machining 
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    By Michael Lynch
    A key concepts approach to physical techniques for effectively utilizing computer numerical controls. Addresses the needs related to learning and understanding the field of CNC in 3 parts - manual programming . . . conversational programming . . . and machine operations - using the key concepts approach to stress the physical techniques for utilizing the equipment as well as the reasons behind how CNC functions.

    Library of Technical References - Cryogenics 
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    By Bill Bryson
    Cryogenic treatment of materials is not a new process, but as a means to improve wear characteristics, it is a relatively unexplored field. This comprehensive and practical new book explains how to use the cryogenic process to achieve considerably longer tool wear for heat treated tools or parts that are subject to wear and abrasion. It is easy to comprehend and it fully explains how to economically utilize the process to increase productivity.
    Evolution of the Process. Cryogenics: The Basics. Cryogenics for Ferrous Metals. Liquid Nitrogen. The Process. Thin Film Layer Phenomenon. Stress Relieving. The Equipment. Targets Items for Processing. Grinding Guidelines. Wear Resistance. Stress. Glossary.

    Library of Technical References - Die Design Fundamentals 
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    By J.R. Paquin
    Contents: Introduction to Die Design. Presses and Press Accessories. The Material Strip. The Blank. Fourteen Steps to Design a Die. How to Lay Out a Scrap Strip. How to Design Die Blocks. How to Design Blanking Punches. How to Design Piercing Punches. How to Design Punch Plates. How to Design Pilots. How to Design Gages. How to Design Finger Stops. How to Design Automatic Stops. How to Design Strippers. How to Apply Fasteners. How to Select a Die Set. Dimensions and Notes. The Bill of Material. Type of Dies. Index.

    Library of Technical References - Die Makers Handbook 
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    By Jerry Arnold
    An expert in his field, Jerry Arnold provides invaluable lessons learned from decades of trial and error as a die maker, die designer, and die engineer. Written in an easy-to-read manner and heavily illustrated, Die Makers Handbook is the only book of its kind expressly intended to help avoid the pitfalls associated with stamping designs, die designs, and stamping die function. This compact and practical reference has been edited by a half-dozen die makers with nearly 200 years of combined experience. The Die Makers Handbook is a must-have for your toolbox, desk, or briefcase.

    Library of Technical References - Dimensional Management 
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    By Mark Curtis
    A complete treatise on the subject of dimensional management, this book is designed to provide the reader with a comprehensive systems approach to all facets of dimension and tolerance development, analysis, inspection and documentation. Often referred to as “Dimensional Management,” this systems approach focuses on optimizing the interchangeability of multi-component manufactured products. And it demonstrates that through the detailed description of known manual and computer-aided tolerance analysis techniques, an understanding of manufacturing variation and the mitigation of its undesirable effects can be achieved. College-level engineering and technology students and working professionals involved in the design and manufacture of precision parts and assemblies will come to rely on Dimensional Management as an invaluable resource.

    Library of Technical References - Encyclopedic Dictionary of Gears and Gearing 
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    By David W. South and Richard H. Ewert
    This indispensable reference encompasses the essential language of gearing. Engineers will find clear, concise definitions for thousands of terms, trade names, and abbreviations used in everyday work - plus hundreds of crisp mechanical drawings that illustrate important technical concepts. Organized to provide instant access to specific information, the Dictionary is fully cross-referenced and contains alphabetically arranged sections on gear geometry, types of gears, materials and heat treatments, enclosed gear drives, inspection and testing, tooth wear and failure, lubrication of open and closed drives, and much more.

    Library of Technical References - Engineering Formulas Interactive 
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    By Frank Sims
    With Intellisin™, a powerful interactive math engine developed by Intellipro, Inc., you can use the CD-ROM to quickly perform dynamic calculations and analysis on over 100 of the most popular equations in this book. You will be able to: Change parameters at will; Calculate results easily; Graphically plot results; Evaluate formulas for a range of values; Copy formulas and results to clipboard; Intellisim™ supports algebraic, differential, amd mixed equation systems. It allows you to customize formulas, and modify and combine each formula on the Engineering Formulas Interactive CD-ROM with other equations.

    Library of Technical References - Engineering Mathematics, 5th Edition 
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    By K.A. Stroud and Dexter J. Booth
    A groundbreaking and comprehensive reference with over 500,000 copies sold since it first debuted in 1970, the fifth edition of Engineering Mathematics has been thoroughly revised and expanded. For the first time, a Personal Tutor CD-ROM is included with every book. Providing a broad mathematical survey, this innovative volume covers a full range of topics from the very basic to the advanced. Whether you are an engineer looking for a useful on-the-job reference or want to imporve your mathematical skills, or you are a student who needs an in-depth self-study guide, Engineering Mathematics is sure to come in handy time and time again.

    Library of Technical References - for Mechanical Engineers - CD-ROM MarksĂ Electronic Handbook 
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    This unique, interactive version of the industry bible, Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Ninth Edition, gives immediate access to hundreds of live formulas, for quick on-screen problem solving in either metric (SI) or standard units. Complex design and engineering problems are solved instantly.
    Using popular MathCad software, MarksĂ Electronic Handbook for Mechanical Engineers speeds through hundreds of live equations with absolute precision. Key concepts are easily found thanks to navigational features such as table of contents, full-text boolean search, hyperlinks, and others.
    • Formatted into 10 different units: mechanisms, heat, strength of materials, gearing, engines, turbines, pumps, compression, and more
    • Each unit includes: process and operation, principles/theory, formulas and tables, definitions and references

    Library of Technical References - Glossary of Metalworking Terms 
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    By Dick Pohanish
    Covering more than 4,000 essential general and functional terms used in all areas related to metalworking and manufacturing technology, this glossary will aid those who seek a quick and handy source of basic knowledge of machines and processes. Each entry contains a cross-referencing system that makes all related topics instantly accessible. In addition, each topic is defined as far as possible in basic terms, and then every key word important to the explanation that is defined elsewhere in the book is underlined to serve as a reference to the article on that subject.

    Library of Technical References - Guide to World Screw Threads 
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    By Siddler, P.A. Editor
    Provides encyclopedic coverage of the different types of threads standardized throughout the world. Includes Unified and American thread series. American translational and American pipe threads; British threads of Whitworth and non-Whitworth forms; ISO metric threads.

    Library of Technical References - Handbook of Die Design 
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    By Ivana Suchy
    Dies are still the most common device used to cast, punch, and form parts in manufacturing and machining. Filled with charts that help assure precise design, this guide provides all major formulas, calculations, cost estimating techniques, and safety procedures needed for specific die operations and performance evaluations.
    Users learn the hows and whys of process analysis, product design, metal movements, materials, and proven die design for every class of sheet metal pressworking. They're shown how to determine the cost of materials, purchase parts and supplies, meet quantitative demands while controlling costs and assuring quality, eliminate secondary operations, evaluate new designs, improve blanking, piercing, bending, and form operations.

    Library of Technical References - Heat Treatment, Selection and Application of Tool Steels 
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    By Bill Bryson
    Written in clear, non-technical language, this is an ideal reference for toolmakers, heat treaters and engineers. It provides practical information about machinability, shock resistance and wear, and it offers step-by-step “recipes” for properly heating a wide range of tool steels. This book will explain how to lengthen tool life, eliminate dangerous practices, avoid metal failure, and eliminate costly mistakes. In addition, it includes properties, attributes, qualities, and shortcomings of popular tool steels.

    Library of Technical References - High Performance Machining 
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    By Miles Arnone
    This book is for machining practitioners, namely machine shop owners, shop managers, CNC programmers, and machinists. It focuses on the practical implementation of high performance machining principles in a manufacturing environment. It examines the range of disciplines that must be fully mastered in order to become a practitioner of high performance machining. Each topic provides in-depth information on high performance machining in the context of 3 axis vertical machining centers, and special considerations for 4 and 5 axis machining are also discussed. The principles apply to a wide array of machining processes beyond milling, including turning and grinding.

    Library of Technical References - Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors 
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    Each of the four volumes of Ingenious Mechanisms is an independent treatise on the subject of mechanisms. The books are similar in size and general character, but the contents are different. The mechanisms described are grouped into chapters according to general types. Together with the complete index, this arrangement by function makes it easy to find the class of movement desired, and enables you to compare mechanisms which are similar in purpose but different in design. The descriptions and illustrations are confined to the important and fundamental elements, so that time is not wasted reading a lot of useless or irrelevant detail. You are told plainly and briefly what each mechanism consists of, how it operates, and the features which make it of special interest.

    Library of Technical References - Machine Shop Practice 
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    By Karl Hans Moltrecht

    Library of Technical References - Machinery's Handbook Pocket Companion 
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    By Dick Pohanish and Chris McCauley
    Machinery's Handbook Pocket Companion puts all the basic information you need right at your fingertips, Extremely concice yet authoritative, this valuable tool draws on Machinery's Handbook's wealth of tables, charts and text to provide quick and easy access to the most basic data. Practitioners and students of the machine trades will find the Pocket Companion to be the best
    little helper yet!

    Library of Technical References - Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination 
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    By Don Nyman and Joel Levitt
    Well-planned, properly scheduled, and effectively communicated jobs accomplish more work, more efficiently, and at a lower cost. This work will disturb operations less frequently, and be accomplished with higher quality, greater job satisfaction, and higher organizational morale than jobs performed without proper preparation. Maintenance Planning, Scheduling Coordination focuses on and deals specifically with the preparatory tasks that lead to effective utilization and application of maintenance resources. It is a vital training document for planners, an educational document for those to whom planners are responsible, and a valuable guide for those who interface with the planning and scheduling function and are dependent upon the many contributions of planning and scheduling operational excellence.

    Library of Technical References - Managing Factory Maintenance 
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    By Joel Levitt
    Tap into Joel Levitt's vast array of experience and learn how to improve almost any aspect of your maintenance organization (including your own abilities). Beginning with the 20 steps that are necessary to achieve world class maintenance, the book then investigates how to compare your organization to industry standards. Skills required for effective maintenance management are then studied including such unusual but critical topics as managing work requests, work orders, and repair history documents. Both preventive and predictive maintenance are examined in depth. How to improve your system by implementing TPM, CMMS, RCM and Maintenance Quality Improvement is fully explained and demonstrated. Topics Unique to Managing Factory Maintenance is a self evaluation clinic that allows you to compare your personality with over 500 of your peers, and a section on time management is included to improve your management skills.

    Library of Technical References - Measure for Measure 
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    By Richard A. Young and Thomas J. Glover
    • The conversion factor handbook - 864 pages worth!!!
    • Contains over 39,000 conversions for over 5100 different units
    • Comprehensive SI reference (the International standard)
    • Thousands of foreign and ancient conversion factors
    • Accurate to 8 significant figures
    • Values listed in both standard and scientific notation
    • Handy 4" x 6" size with a durable Lexitone® cover

    Library of Technical References - Modern Grinding Process Technology 
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    By Stuart C. Salmon
    From the fundamentals of grinding up to specific grinding processes, this book covers such topics as preparing abrasives for use... grinding machine tool technology... grinding with super-abrasives... creep-feed grinding... high-speed grinding... new concepts of machine tool designs... and computer numerical control. It allows the reader to realize the full potential of modern abrasives, trouble-shoot existing grinding problems, and purchase and use up-to-date grinding processes and equipment in the new manufacturing environment.

    Library of Technical References - Mold Engineering 
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    By Herbert Rees
    Deals with injection molds for thermoplastic molding materials and their performance. Many subjects here also apply to other molds such as blow molds and molds for thermosets. It presents in an easy to understand language, with a minimum of mathematics or difficult theories, a practical approach for the design of injection molds.
    The subjects are broken down into parts as follows:
    Part I: Mold Engineering
    Covers the basics about molds, machines, plastics, and products
    General mold design guidelines
    Specific subjects for the mold designer
    Pa rt II: Mold Performance
    This book is intended primarily as a text for students in polymer engineering and reference book for mold designers, particularly for designers of injection molds, although there are many subjects also applicable to die casting molds, compression molds, as well as any other type of permanent mold into which materials are injected
    to create a product.

    Library of Technical References - New and Improved Edition - Lapeer Trig Reference Handbook 
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    New, rarely printed trig formula useful for dimensioning. Metric Screw Dimensions. Trig Table. Much more handy reference material.

    Library of Technical References - Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding 
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    By Robert Malloy
    This book provides an overview of the design process for injection molded plastic parts. It describes an integrated approach to plastic part design and plastic material selection and will assist the designer in the development of a plastic part design that is functional, manufacturable, and esthetically pleasing. You will find great detail on subjects such as Concurrent Engineering and Design for Manufacturability, specifically how the various phases of the injection molding process can impact a part's design. The book should serve as a reference and introductory design guide for the plastic part design engineer, or as the text for a short course or one semester course on the subject of plastic part design.

    Library of Technical References - Practical Guide to Industrial Metal Cleaning 
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    By David S. Peterson
    Industrial cleaning has evolved rapidly in the past decade, and this book takes the mystery out of choosing the best process, selection the most effective equipment, and minimizing waste. Written for finishing engineers and shop foremen, and containing complete coverage of the equipment and chemistry used in industrial metal cleaning, this is an ideal reference guide for all in-house cleaning operations.

    Library of Technical References - Questions and Answers (Expanded First Edition) - Welding 
    Click Here for more information or to order
    By William L. Galvery, Jr. & Frank B. Marlow
    As a concise yet thorough introduction to the topic, Welding Essentials makes welding easy for beginners and is a handy reference for professionals. Its unique, comprehensive question-and-answer format allows readers to quickly find what they are looking for and fully understand it. Eliminating non-essential items to prevent overloading readers, Welding Essentials addresses safety hazards ans required precautions in detail and provides solutions to common problems for each process.

    Library of Technical References - Running TodayĂs Factory 
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    By Charles Standard and Dr. Dale Davis
    This book synthesizes lean manufacturing into a concise and coherent strategy for manufacturing managers. The philosophies and principles presented are reinforced with examples from the authors' research and consulting work. Common obstacles and barriers that may be encountered in a lean environment are discussed, and both intuitive and mathematical proofs are provided to illustrate why lean philosophies can transform modern manufacturing.

    Library of Technical References - Setup Reduction Through Effective Workholding 
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    By Edward G. Hoffman
    for the Center for Manufacturing Systems at New Jersey Institute of Technology
    In the setup process it is accepted procedure to eliminate all redundant or unnecessary activities, perform operations concurrently, move on-line operations off-line, and use the “buddy system” to minimize total setup time. But the most labor intensive and time consuming step is usually workholder, or fixture, preparation. This book contains procedures, hints, and suggestions for improving methods for workholding. These improved methods are designed to save time and money and help the reader increase productivity. The first section is all about the basics of setup reduction and Part 2 deals in considerable detail with all aspects of workholding and provides suggested alternatives to existing accepted procedures. No matter how experienced you may be, this book will provide helpful and innovative techniques for workholder preparation designed to improve efficiency in executing setups.

    Library of Technical References - SPC for Short Run Manufacturing 
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    By Leonard A. Doty
    The basic fundamental theories, practices and procedures of SPC that can be employed by a small manufacturing firm are presented in this practical guide. To facilitate understanding, helpful examples are provided throughout the book to demonstrate methods that can be readily implemented by manufacturing companies specializing in limited production runs. Among the many sophisticated quality techniques contained in this helpful book are: the theory behind controls charts, what is meant by a ˘normal curve÷ and how it is used in SPC, steps to follow to install and fine-tune an SPC program, practical rules for constructing and using controls charts, how to choose the right control chart for your needs, what to do about quality ˘problems÷, variables and attributes charts and their use in limited production runs, and how to control the cost of your quality program.

    Library of Technical References - Technical Formulas 
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    By K.F. Fisher
    With more than 850 illustrations, this complete reference provides fast, accurate information for solving technical problems. More than any other book available on the subject, Technical Formulas covers the entire engineering spectrum, providing reliable answers to both practical and
    theoretical problems.
    Properties and units. Computer science. Physics. Applied mechanics. Materials science. Applied thermodynamics. Thermal engineering. Fluid mechanics. Electrical engineering/electronics. Process control engineering. Machine components. Energy technology. Machine tools. Manufacturing technology. References.

    Library of Technical References - The Art of Gear Fabrication 
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    By Prem H. Daryani
    Written by a manufacturing professional with extensive wordwide experience, this unique and complete guidebook places emphasis on teaching beginners and advanced planners how to process gears, and will enable manufacturing engineers familiar with machine shop practice to be specialists in the gear manufacturing field. The first few chapters are devoted to common gear nomenclature and analysis of processing of six typical gears, including explanations of the logic and reasoning for every sequence of the operation. Subsequent chapters thoroughly describe production, selection of materials, heat treatment, plating, methods of cutting, hobbing, shaping, and grinding.

    Library of Technical References - The EDM Handbook 
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    By E. Bud Guitrau
    Ideal for any manufacturing engineer, designer, operator, machinist, or toolmaker who wants to learn all the secrets of EDM, this important book reveals EDM's unique capabilities and provides the reader with a clear understanding of both the practical and theoretical aspects of the technology. Full coverage is given to both wire and vertical EDM, and the book contains many tips and ideas to improve performance that canĂt be found in any other book. Unusual topics include discharge dressing, innovative flushing techniques, and advances in CNC EDM strategies that will save both time and money. It also contains information on trouble-shooting, purchasing a machine, moldmaking, preventive maintenance, and selecting and filtering water and dielectrics.

    Library of Technical References - The Home MachinistĂs Handbook 
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    By Doug Briney
    Here's everything the do-it-yourselfer needs to setup, and operate a handy-manĂs machine shop. Areas covered range from shop requirements and proper lighting to buying, using and storing tools. Ideal for the hobbyist, home handyman, and inventor, this book shows you how to work with basic hand tools and how to read shop drawings. There are also step-by-step instructions, photographs, and a whole range of project plans!
    YouĂll learn how to make metal parts for cars, boats, model trains, guns, cameras, clocks, sewing machines, and more! With this how-to handbook at your side you can make inexpensive machine tools - like a jack and clamp, ball peen hammer, milling machine - and tackle building a replica of a sixteenth century shipĂs cannon.

    Library of Technical References - The Machinist's Bedside Reader 
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    By Guy Lautard
    Working drawings and ideas for tools for the machinist's toolbox, toys for himself and/or his grandchildren, plus other useful information, hints, tips and general dispensations of workshop wisdom. Also includes a collection of machine shop anecdotes and other stuff you'll like. (More than 120 pages of illustrations).

    Library of Technical References - The Machinist's Second Bedside Reader 
    Click Here for more information or to order
    By Guy Lautard
    A host of useful ideas and info for machinists and gunsmiths. Includes working drawings for numerous shop tools you can make. Well illustrated, and presented in a clear and †easy reading” style. Extremely popular with pros and home shop machinists alike.
    Another 202 pages of projects, hints, tips and anecdotes.

    Library of Technical References - The Machinist's Third Bedside Reader 
    Click Here for more information or to order
    By Guy Lautard
    More great info! 3 approaches to precision taper turning, hand stoning of chambering reamers, shop-made sand blasting equipment, and a solid, easily built wooden workbench for the non-woodworker. Plus MUCH more. Will keep you up the rest of the night!
    Another 259 pages of projects, hints, tips and anecdotes.

    Library of Technical References - The New Manufacturing Standard - 2nd Edition - Top Shops+ 
    Click Here for more information or to order
    By Robert Wilson and John Linscott
    The new ISO 9000:2000 standards focus on quality performance and meeting customer expectations and demands. This all new edition of Top Shops+! is a blueprint for meeting the requirements of the new standard and remaining competitive in business. By using diverse management techniques such as identifying and measuring customer expectations, team building, consensus problem solving, setting goals for personal and professional success, establishing performance zones, and solving employee problems, the authors provide answers to the problems and questions confronting every shop owner and manufacturing manager. Remaining competitive and achieving ISO registration are essential in today's market, and this book is packed with hundreds of practical tips, charts, and proven case histories that make it the perfect guide not only for managing large and small shops, but also for manufacturers of all sizes.

    Library of Technical References - Tool Management Strategies 
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    By Martin Plute
    Today, effective tool management requires a computerized tool management system to bring tool management
    solutions together.
    Tool Management Strategies provides a blueprint for understanding, planning, justifying, and implementing a system that will provide savings in new tooling purchases, production time, labor, and process planning. The resulting declines in manufacturing costs, improvements in inventory control, reductions in machine downtime, and process planning benefits (such as the ability to monitor tool performance) have made computerized tool management essential for any manufacturing firm with goals of increased productivity and reduced costs.

    Library of Technical References - Turret Mill Operation 
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    By John G. Edwards
    This large format text and reference manual for the novice or machinist in training is illustrated with hundreds of photographs, drawings, charts, and tables. It covers the nomenclature and operation of the vertical knee type turret milling machine in detail, presenting a full explanation of all of the skills required to operate these versatile machines. Each project in the text includes follow along photos and drawings to illustrate how each step of the operation should be performed, making this the ideal educational
    learning tool for apprentices.
    Safety. Machine maintenance. Knee type mills. Toolholders. Cutting tools. Workholding tools. Tool cooling. Head alignment. Table and head movement. Project planning. Sample projects. Project materials list. Terms and vocabulary. Appendix.

    Library of Technical References 24th Edition McGraw-Hill's National Electrical Code® Handbook 
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    By Joseph F. McPartland and Brian J. McPartland
    Completely updated to cover 2002 provisions, the reference you hold in your hands is the most frequently consulted NEC® guidebook in the world. This indispensible, authoritative source of Code® how-to's, interpretation, and advice gives you help from 2 of the leading electrical experts in the country. There is a lavish offering of task-simplifying photographs and drawings to make very procedure crystal clear.

    Library of Technical References 2nd Edition Interpretation of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 
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    Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) has become accepted around the world as the international symbolic language that allows engineers and machinists to use engineering drawings to communicate from the design stage through manufacturing and inspection. Its advantages are uniformity in design practice, ensured interchangeability, consistent interpretation, and maximum tolerance allocation. With GD&T, design requirements can be specified explicitly and the latest gaging techniques can be accommodated, contributing to higher productivity and less rework and scrap. Deductively organized, this book is a complete on-the-job reference that provides a thorough understanding to the complex ASME Y14.5M-1994 “Dimensioning and Tolerancing” standard.

    Library of Technical References 2nd Edition Programming of Computer Numerically Controlled Machines 
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    By John Polywka and Stanley Gabrel
    Written by experienced programmers with years of experience teaching CNC programming to the industry, this manual provides full descriptions of all program functions and their practical applications. Because of the wide range of information provided about the selection of tools, cutting speeds, and the technology of machining, Programming of Computer Numerically Controlled Machines will benefit engineers, programmers, supervisors and machine operators who need ready access to information that will solve programming problems.

    Library of Technical References Designers and Product Engineers Injection Molding Alternatives 
    Click Here for more information or to order
    By Jack Avery
    Injection Molding Alternatives offers a comprehensive description of a wide range of processes that can be used to manufacture plastic products. It covers variations of injection molding techniques in addition to other industrial plastic processing technologies and low volume production techniques used for prototyping and preproduction volumes. Process innovations such as gas assist injection molding, multi-live feed molding, deep draw blow molding and in mold decoration are also included. The coverage of each process includes the fit, advantages, disadvantages, materials used, design considerations, applications and tooling considerations.

    Library of Technical References Discover the Future of Manufacturing New Dimensions in Manufacturing 
    Click Here for more information or to order
    By Dr. Bert P. Erdel
    With the business world changing at an ever increasing pace, there are advances in manufacturing processes, techniques, strategies, and principles that hold the key for
    staying ahead in the marketplace.
    Dr. Bert P. Erdel focuses on these emerging technologies with special emphasis on high speed/high velocity machining, near dry and dry machining, precision one pass machining, global concurrent manufacturing, and corporate consolidation strategies. The topics are covered in depth and supported by tables, charts and highly effective
    This book offers valuable information on how to stay on top by utilizing the best technology and human resource techniques available.

    Library of Technical References Production/Maintenance Tool -Centered Maintenance 
    Click Here for more information or to order
    By Robert C. Hansen
    Written primarily for those responsible for the reliability of equipment and the production operation, this innovative book centers on developing and measuring true Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The author demonstrates that true OEE correlates with factory output, provides a methodology to link OEE with net profits that can be used by reliability managers to build solid business cases for improvement projects, and draws on his own experience by presenting successful improvement applications in every chapter. Additionally, it will also help practitioners better understand Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and develop an effective foundation to support Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM).

    Morse Pocket Size Machinists Guides
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    Guide For Taps - This booklet contains all needed information for correct tapping work.

    Guide For Carbide Tooling - Carbide and its many tooling applications are fully explained in this handy booklet. Included are design, application, geometrics, troubleshooting, speeds and feeds.

    Practical Guide - Pocket size manual covering a wide range of practical information for the machinist, tool maker, engineer and student.

    Starrett Library of Technical References - The Starrett Book for Student Machinists 
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    This familiar handbook for machine shop beginners has been revised by a leading educator. It is written in clear, simple language, contains 160 pages including 200 diagrams, illustrations, reference tables, and is fully indexed. Printed on coated paper with soil-resistant binding.

    XACT Pocket Reference - Second Edition
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    • 544 Pages of tables, maps, formulas, constants and conversions.
    • Over 50 pages of NEW material!
    • Still fits in your shirt pocket. 3.2" x 5.4" x 7".

    XACT Reference Books
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