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Tooling Components - T-Slot Bolts

Jergens T Slot Bolts 
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• 4140 Forging material
• 140,000 PSI Tensile
• Rc 32 - 36 Heat treated
• Black oxide finish
• 2A-UNC Thread

Jergens T-Slot Bolts
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  • Material: 4140 Forging.
  • Heat Treat: Rc 32-36.
  • Thread: 2A-UNC.
  • Finish: Black Oxide.
  • G dimension provides at least 50% more bearing surface under your table slot.

XACT USA Made T-Slot Bolts 
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• Table slot size same as bolt diameter
• Tensile strength 92,000 PSI
• Black oxide finish
• Medium carbon steel 1541 grade 2
• T-slot bolt head dimension “D” is undersized to fit machine table slot
• Thread class 2A UNC

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