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Carr Lane C Washers
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  • Most sizes conform to TCMA standard sizes.
  • Case hardened steel - black oxide plated.
  • Designed for applications that require many teardowns, as these precision made washers can be slipped on and off from the side, without disassembling the entire set up.

Jergens “C” Washers 
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• Perfect for applications that require frequent removal and insertion of work pieces
• Features case hardened black oxide finish
• Jergens has knurled Outside Diameter

Teco Swing “C” Washers 
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• Use as a latch in the construction of jigs, fixtures and special machinery
• Great for end locations
• Complete with shoulder screws
• Heat treated steel
• Black oxide finish
• Made of low carbon steel, carburized, hardened and rust proofed
• Allows you to swing out of the way to insert and remove parts quickly

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