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Toolholding/Workholding - Lathe Chucks - Atlas

Atlas Low Cost Replacement Power Chucks - Simply the Best in Value and Performance 
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Supplied with spindle mounting plate, semi finished draw nut, draw nut wrench, soft top jaws and jaw t-nuts

Atlas Workholding Fixtures - Gripping Capacity (inches) - When A Vise Just WonĘt Do The Job 
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• Universal scroll chuck design
• End-surface clamping design enables you fast efficient mounting of several chucks to worktable
• Super thin design allows greater Z-axis machining
• Convex design allows fast and easy fixing to worktable, all you need are T-bolts verses mounting connecting plates required by conventional chucks
• Positioning key on the base allows accurate quick changing of the chucks
• Ideal for pallet applications
• American standard, hard top and master jaws

Atlas Workholding Fixtures - The Ultimate Low Profile 3-Jaw Universal Chuck 
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• Ideal for drill presses, standard mills, vertical machining centers, angles, tombstones, and grinding machines
• 3 Operating pinions positioned at a 45º angle for easier operation
• Sizes available 8" and 10" diameter
• Easy installation with flange type mounting
• Accurate: .001" repeatability on duplicate parts using the nominated pinion

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