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XACT Push-Pull Tapper
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  • Instant reversing speed reduction unit made especially for tapping and thread chasing.
  • Handles all taps up to 5/16" diameter and thread chasing to 1/2".
  • Complete tapper set includes drill chuck adaptor, wrench and #6, #8 and #10 collets.
  • Collets for 1/4" and 5/16" must be ordered separately.

XACT Universal Quick Stop 
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• The Quick Stop is an arm that clamps to the quill of your machine, for use with many types of tapping attachments and coax indicators
• Set-up time is less than one minute
• Made of 6061 - T6 aluminum, with a black hardcoat and a steel shaft to support the applied torque

XACT USA Made Spring Center 
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The spring center is used in a drill chuck or collet. The hardened point is inserted into the center of the tapping handle or tap center. The stroke of the center will follow the tap as it threads the hole assuring straight and accurate hand tapped threads. One size can be used for all standard tapping applications.

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