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XACT Center-It Tube Drilling Jigs
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  • Drills pipe and other round objects.
  • Made specifically for use in a drill press.
  • The V-block bolts to the drill press table and enables the drilling of round pieces parallel and centered.
  • The grooves on the outer sides eliminate slippage while holding pipes, etc., for sawing on job sites or other applications.
  • To use simply place on the drill press table, run the bit down (with motor off) to hold the jig centered on the bit, then bolt the jig to press table.
  • No clamping of the tube is necessary since the angled flats of the jig hold it centered.
  • Holes will automatically be centered on the tube with no center-punching necessary.
  • If tubing is too large to drill in a single operation it can simply be turned over.
No marking or center-punching required!

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